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The Heart of Macao Peninsula – Senado Square

Macao Peninsula encompasses the old town area of Macao. Within Macao Peninsula, you’ll find a variety of Macao’s heritage sites, and at its center lies “Senado Square.”

“Senado Square, Meaning ‘Senate’ in Macao”

Much like Hong Kong was under British rule in the past, Macao was formerly governed by Portugal. Therefore, the official languages of Macao are Cantonese and Portuguese. This has left many traces of Portuguese influence throughout the city.

Senado Square itself is a heritage site with remnants of Portuguese influence. In Portuguese, “Senado” means ‘Senate,’ signifying its historical connection.

In the past, this place held the Senate building, and the square in front was called Senate Square. However, the Senate building has since been replaced and is now used as the office for the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

Fortunately, the Bureau still stands, and it can be found at the heart of Senado Square in Macao.

“A Slice of Europe in Macao – European-style Buildings and Tiles”

This place particularly evokes an exotic ambiance in Macao. It’s almost like a small piece of Europe within Macao, featuring European architectural styles and floors adorned with tiles commonly seen in Europe. These tiles were actually imported from Portugal.

While the square may not be very large, it is a historically significant place in Macao where you can experience a European atmosphere.

“Diverse Heritage Sites, Restaurants, and Culinary Delights at Senado Square”

Senado Square is at the heart of various heritage sites. Nearby, you can explore historical landmarks like the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Mount Fortress, A-Ma Temple, and St. Dominic’s Church.

A variety of food options are also available. On the way to the Ruins of St. Paul’s, you’ll find a beef jerky street, and a restaurant known for receiving high praise from Baek Jong-won, called “Wong Chi Kei,” can also be found at Senado Square.

If you’re traveling to Macao, this is a must-visit place and can be considered the starting point for your Macao journey.

“Macao Peninsula, Senado Square”

  • Address: Largo do Senado, Macau