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Macao, Exhibition “Ferrari, Under the Skin”

In the Cotai area of Macao, you can find various luxury hotels, resorts, shopping malls, and more. When you think of Macao, this area is known for its concentration of large-scale hotels and resorts.

Among them, “City of Dreams (COD)” is a complex building used for various commercial purposes including hotels, casinos, shopping malls, and restaurants.

“Complimentary invitation received after joining City of Dreams (COD)”

After joining City of Dreams and becoming a member, they provided small gifts for free. Along with a keychain, they gave an invitation to the exhibition happening at “COD.”

Exhibition: “Ferrari, Under the Skin”

The exhibition held at COD at that time was “Ferrari, Under the Skin,” focusing on exploring the interior of Ferrari, renowned as one of the world’s top cars.

It was an exhibition that would be welcomed by car enthusiasts, as it dissected components used in early Ferraris and showcased them.

While the exhibition space wasn’t very large, you could still see some of the finest sports cars made in Italy. Even though I personally had less interest in cars, being up close to these luxury cars made me consider wanting to ride in one.

“Souvenir received after participating in the Ferrari exhibition”

After enjoying the Ferrari exhibition, just before leaving, I could receive another souvenir. However, I had to perform a certain task to receive it.

According to the exhibition staff’s guidance, if you enter the casino and ask a casino staff member about this, you can easily receive the souvenir. However, once I actually entered the casino and inquired about the souvenir, there were hardly any staff who knew about it, so I ended up spending quite some time inside the casino.

Unexpectedly, I was able to take a glimpse inside the casino. At the point where I was about to give up on receiving the gift due to the lack of knowledgeable staff, a Chinese employee who spoke Cantonese pointed to a certain counter with his finger, indicating that I should go there.

Upon going there and showing information related to Ferrari, I was finally able to accept the souvenir.

Through the free membership of COD, I was able to see the Ferrari exhibition for free, and thanks to seeing the exhibition, I could receive another souvenir for free. Once again, I thought Macao was a place with generous hospitality, and I moved on to the next location.

“Cotai, COD, Ferrari, Under the Skin”