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“Lotte Cinema at Hapjeong Mecenatpolis”

The Hongdae area in Seoul has become a representative commercial district. The expansion of the commercial district in front of Hongdae has also brought about an extension of the commercial area to nearby regions. This expansion now includes Hapjeong, Sangsu, and Yeonnam-dong areas adjacent to Hongdae.

“Hapjeong, Mecenatpolis”

Connected to Hapjeong Station is a complex apartment building called “Mecenatpolis.” It is a place where you can encounter various stores, to the extent of being referred to as a small shopping mall. There is a Homeplus in the basement, making it a convenient shopping spot for nearby residents.

Mecenatpolis was completed in 2012. Unlike other shopping malls, its open design evokes the image of a valley. Thanks to its design resembling a valley, you can experience a refreshing breeze while inside the building.

In addition, on each floor, you can find a variety of restaurants, clothing stores, and miscellaneous goods shops.

“Lotte Cinema Hapjeong Branch”

On the top floor of Mecenatpolis, you can find Lotte Cinema. Although it may not be very large, its accessibility makes it a convenient place to visit.

This time, I visited a movie theater after a very long time to watch “The First Slam Dunk,” a movie version of the beloved “Slam Dunk” series that I revisited after becoming an adult. Watching a work that gave me countless memories and emotions in my youth, I felt a new sensation.

“Seoul Hapjeong Cinema, Lotte Cinema Hapjeong”