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Beautiful Tea Museum: Traditional Tea House in Insa-dong

Insa-dong is one of Seoul’s prominent tourist destinations, known for its distinctly Korean atmosphere where visitors can explore various souvenirs, antiques, and artworks, reflecting the history of South Korea.

Throughout the streets of Insa-dong, you can find traditional tea houses, and one such place is the “Beautiful Tea Museum,” which specializes in offering traditional teas.

“The Traditional Cafe, Beautiful Tea Museum in Insa-dong”

Despite its name, the Beautiful Tea Museum is not just a museum but also functions as a traditional tea house or cafe. Upon visiting, you can discover a variety of beverages and snacks, including traditional teas, in a hanok-styled space. The hanok, designed in a ‘ㅁ’-shaped layout, has a glass ceiling, providing shelter even on gloomy days.

“A Place Collecting Artifacts Related to Tea”

In line with its name, the Beautiful Tea Museum serves as a museum, collecting artifacts related to tea. It also features exhibitions of pottery crafted by skilled artisans.

Thanks to this, visitors can encounter pottery pieces within one corner of the cafe’s hanok space.

“Explore a Variety of Teas”

The Beautiful Tea Museum offers approximately 110 types of tea from around the world, including Korea, Japan, China, and Europe. This unique collection provides a chance to explore a diverse range of teas not commonly found elsewhere, and if desired, they are available for purchase.

“Puer Tea 2004: 8,000 KRW”

The menu item I personally ordered this time was “Puer Tea 2004.” This tea, aged for about 20 years, was crafted in 2004.

Puer Tea is available for 8,000 KRW. When you place your order, a set for brewing the tea is brought to you. The first cup is specially prepared by the staff, offering a unique performance not typical of other beverages.

Furthermore, you can continue to add hot water and brew the tea multiple times, allowing you to savor it in various ways. With just one order of Puer Tea, you can enjoy nearly 50 cups of tea over nearly 2 hours.

“A Tranquil Space for Leisure in a Hanok Setting”

This place is especially ideal for spending leisurely time while sipping tea. The modified hanok layout provides ample seating and space, ensuring a relaxed environment.

The glass ceiling shields from the weather, making it unaffected by external conditions. Simply spending time in this hanok-styled space allows you to experience a sense of tranquility.

“Seoul Insa-dong, Traditional Cafe, Beautiful Tea Museum”

  • Address: 19-11 Insa-dong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-735-6678
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 – 20:00