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Lily Hotel, a Cost-Effective Hotel near Pohang Yeongildae

Pohang Yeongildae Beach boasts a 1,750-meter-long white sandy shore, with a width ranging from 40 to 70 meters, covering an area of 380,000 square meters. It is one of Pohang’s representative beaches. From the sea, you can see “POSCO” and Yeongil Bay. The fine sand makes it a suitable destination for family vacations.

“Lily Hotel, a Cost-Effective Hotel near Pohang Yeongildae”

Although we didn’t go to see the sea at Pohang Yeongildae, we stayed at the “Lily Hotel,” which is conveniently located near Yeongildae Beach. Since it is right in front of Yeongildae Beach, it’s a great place for those planning to visit Yeongildae. However, due to our other commitments, we didn’t have a chance to visit Yeongildae Beach.

“Though called a hotel, Lily Hotel has a motel atmosphere”

Although named a hotel, Lily Hotel has more of a motel atmosphere. The rooms may feel a bit small to call it a hotel, and on this day, we stayed in the smallest room, which may have contributed to that impression. Nonetheless, it was perfectly comfortable for two adult males to stay the night. Since we were only there to sleep and move on to our next day’s activities, it was no issue.

The cost was also quite reasonable. Through a late check-in at 8 PM, we were able to pay 35,000 KRW for a night’s stay. With two of us staying for 35,000 KRW, it came out to 17,500 KRW per person.

Of course, for a little extra money, you can choose a room with a view of the sea. However, we didn’t feel the need to have a sea view from our accommodation.

“A generally compact but clean atmosphere”

Lily Hotel was cleaner than expected. While the room wasn’t particularly large, it was of sufficient size for two people to spend the night.

In the same building, you can find both the hotel and guesthouse. The guesthouse occupies the 2nd and 3rd floors, while the hotel uses floors 4 through 7.

This hotel offers good value for an overnight stay near Yeongildae. Especially if you have plans to visit Yeongildae Beach, it’s an even better choice.

“Lily Hotel, a Cost-Effective Hotel near Pohang Yeongildae”