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E-Mart & Electro Mart Chilsung Branch, Daegu Chilsan-dong

The area around E-Mart Chilsung Branch in Daegu has changed so much that it can be described as a completely transformed neighborhood. The old, worn-out buildings from before have all disappeared, and it’s now impossible to find the old familiar sights.

“E-Mart & Electro Mart Daegu Chilsung Branch”

E-Mart and Electro Mart are large-scale supermarkets operated by the Shinsegae Group. They marked the beginning of large-scale retail in South Korea when the first store, Changdong Branch, opened in Changdong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, on November 12, 1993. Now, they have become supermarkets that can be found all over the country.

While E-Mart initially started with a focus on selling daily necessities, it has gradually transformed into more of a shopping mall format in recent times. Additionally, Electro Mart, one of the specialty stores within E-Mart, is being incorporated into various E-Mart locations.

In this place where it’s hard to recall what used to be here, you can see both E-Mart and Electro Mart coexisting, referred to as “E-Mart Chilsung Branch.”

“Apple Store at Electro Mart, Ace Store”

You can also find an “Ace Store” at Electro Mart. The Ace Store is a shop that sells “Apple” products, showcasing a variety of Apple devices. You can find various Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

“You can also find various devices from Samsung, LG, and more.”

Furthermore, you can find various electronic devices from brands like Samsung, LG, Dyson, and others all in one place. Similar to Apple products, the advantage lies in being able to experience them firsthand before making a purchase decision.

Being able to use the products freely without feeling pressured, and then deciding whether to make a purchase, is a significant advantage.

Located in Buk-gu, Daegu, E-Mart & Electro Mart can be seen as a space responsible for shopping in the Buk-gu area of Daegu. With Electro Mart present, it’s especially advantageous for being able to touch and try out electronic devices before purchasing.

“E-Mart Daegu Chilsung Branch in Daegu Buk-gu Chilsan-dong