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Lantau Island, Hong Kong – Tai O Village, a Waterfront Community

Lantau Island in Hong Kong offers a completely different atmosphere compared to the typical image we have of the city. It provides a unique experience of Hong Kong, distinct from the bustling cityscape we often associate with the region.

One of the popular spots in this area is “Hong Kong Disneyland,” but there are also places like “Ngong Ping Village” and “Tai O Village” where you can immerse yourself in a more local ambiance. Among these, Tai O Village stands out for its distinctive charm as a waterfront village boasting remarkable views that can rival any in Hong Kong.

“Waterfront Charms of Tai O Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong”

Tai O Village is known for its abundance of stilt houses, exuding a unique appeal. While it’s located on the same Lantau Island, it offers a different experience compared to Ngong Ping Village, which is situated on elevated terrain.

Tai O Village is a gathering place for people living in harmony with nature, far from the artificial high-rise buildings that dominate the urban landscape of Hong Kong.

“Exploring a Variety of Seafood in Tai O Village”

Being a coastal village, Tai O Village naturally offers encounters with various seafood options. You’ll find a significant presence of dried seafood, allowing you to experience the distinctive scent of the sea while strolling through the village.

“The Famous Pink Dolphins of Tai O Village”

At Tai O Village, you can partake in boat tours. There are two main types of tours available. One takes you out on a boat to view the Tsing Ma Bridge and then returns. The other involves a 10-minute journey out to sea, where you wait to catch a glimpse of the famous pink dolphins.

Seeing the pink dolphins is not guaranteed, and it somewhat depends on luck. If you’re fortunate enough to spot them during the boat ride, consider it a stroke of luck.

“Harmony with Nature in Tai O Village”

Unlike the bustling streets of Hong Kong’s city center, Tai O Village offers an opportunity to enjoy tranquil scenery integrated with nature. It provides a glimpse of a serene countryside village. Throughout the village, you’ll find artworks created from everyday objects like beverage cans, showcasing the creativity of the local residents.

It’s a place where you can savor the leisure that can only be experienced in a quiet rural village. Moreover, Tai O Village is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets. Unfortunately, on the day of my visit, light rain was falling, preventing me from enjoying that spectacular view, which was a bit disappointing.

Visiting this village on the last day of my trip to Hong Kong left me with memories of its unique and tranquil scenery. The village also welcomes travelers, and you may encounter friendly locals dressed in distinctive costumes, adding a touch of nostalgia to your experience.

“Tai O Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong”

  • Address: Tai O Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong