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Hong Kong Lantau Island – Tai O Village Boat Tour

In the rural village of Tai O, nestled along the waterfront on Lantau Island, you’ll find a picturesque community of stilt houses, often referred to as the “Venice of Hong Kong.” While it’s part of Lantau Island, Tai O Village offers a different experience compared to the bustling cityscape, gaining recognition in Hong Kong more recently.

Tai O Village retains an old-world charm, showcasing diverse and exotic scenery, preserving a rustic countryside atmosphere amidst the modernity of Hong Kong.

“Exploring Tai O Village with a Boat Tour”

Tai O Village offers boat tours that take you out to sea, allowing you to witness the beauty of Tai O’s waters. Typically, there are two types of tours available:

One takes you swiftly out to Tai O’s waters, offering views of the Tai O waters and the Tsing Ma Bridge before returning. The other involves venturing out to sea for about 10 minutes in anticipation of spotting the famous pink dolphins, followed by the return journey. These two boat tours vary in duration and cost.

“Participating in a Boat Tour through the Ngong Ping & Tai O Village Bus Tour Package”

Due to temporary closure of the cable car to Ngong Ping Village, travel agencies provided a combined “Ngong Ping & Tai O Village Bus Tour” package. This package included a boat tour of Tai O Village, allowing us to commence our exploration with the boat tour upon arrival.

The tour I participated in didn’t involve seeing dolphins. Instead, it offered a swift journey to Tai O’s waters and back. While there’s a chance of encountering pink dolphins even on this route, I wasn’t fortunate enough to spot them that day.

“Admiring Tai O Village from the Boat”

The view of Tai O Village from the boat is even more special than from the mainland. It brings to mind the imagery of Italy’s waterfront villages, evoking a reminiscent feeling of Venice. Thanks to the bus tour package, after completing the boat tour, I had some free time to wander Tai O Village. The extraordinary view before my eyes made me feel like I was truly savoring the essence of “travel.”

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