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Just opened at the same time every day…

The Japanese drama “Midnight Diner” has gained considerable popularity in South Korea as well. Set in a small restaurant near Tokyo’s Shinjuku Golden Gai, the drama revolves around a cozy eatery where Master, the owner, serves dishes to late-night patrons, with each dish weaving its own episode.

“When customers arrive? Quite a few come…”

At the start of every “Midnight Diner” episode, there’s always an introduction that encapsulates the atmosphere of the place well:

  • When people hurry home at the end of the day, my day begins.
  • The menu is this, but I’ll make whatever you want if you ask.
  • Operating hours are from midnight to around 7 a.m.; people call this place the Midnight Diner.
  • Customers coming in? Quite a few do.

The Midnight Diner always opens its doors at the same time. There are regular customers who visit continuously. What could be the reason for this steady stream of visitors? The drama also introduces episodes that delve into this question. In the final episode of Midnight Diner Season 4, they share their know-how with a brief line:

“Just opened the door at the same time every day…”

Whether customers come or not, simply opening the door at the same time every day for someone else could be the hidden key to success. This applies to real life as well. Regardless of how others behave, if you consistently open the door and wait for someone at the same time every day, people will eventually start coming.

This principle isn’t limited to restaurants. It can apply equally well to operating a blog or website. Like me, who steadily wrote daily posts on mundane topics, recognition and visitors eventually followed. Even with just writing daily about ordinary everyday topics, I was selected as an “Excellent Blogger” by Tistory, experiencing overflowing honor.

“Featured in the ‘Great Library’ book and mentioned in the ‘God of YouTube'”

In fact, this concept is also introduced in the book “Great Library” by the internet broadcasting pioneer known as the “Great Library.” Simply broadcasting consistently at the same time for someone else eventually elevated him to the ranks of famous YouTubers.

“Continuously opening the door at the same time for OWL Magazine”

As mentioned earlier, I started blogging in 2008. Initially, I lacked writing skills and couldn’t keep up with writing one post per day. However, starting from 2013, I uploaded one or more posts daily for several years. Although there were brief hiatuses, content consistently appeared on the website.

Nowadays, I’ve moved from Tistory to WordPress and operate on a private server. Moving away from the platform means I can’t expect as many visitors as before, which is regrettable. Nonetheless, I’ll continue to write and upload consistently. Platforms may change occasionally, but I’ll keep writing and posting somewhere.

Just like the protagonist of Midnight Diner, who opens the door every day at the same time for customers, I will continue to upload daily posts, even if they’re about mundane everyday topics.