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Jeju Jungmun KFC “Grandfather in Haenyeo Attire” (Photo)

KFC is a globally recognized franchise business that can rival McDonald’s. Harland David Sanders, known as Colonel Sanders, is the founder of KFC and is also the mascot symbolizing the brand.

You can find the grandfather mascot in front of every KFC store.

“In Jungmun Tourist Complex, Jeju: Grandfather in Haenyeo Attire at KFC”

You can also find a KFC in Jeju’s Jungmun Tourist Complex. Here, you can find a unique grandfather mascot different from other KFC locations.

Inspired by the “Haenyeo” (female divers) that can be found in Jeju, the grandfather at KFC is dressed in “Haenyeo attire.”

While it may not be necessary to deliberately seek out KFC, if you want to see this unique model of a grandfather, it’s worth a visit, as it’s something you can only find in Jeju.

(Note: The term “Haenyeo” refers to the traditional female divers of Jeju Island.)