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Japan, Various Types of ‘Lawson Convenience Stores’

In South Korea, finding a convenience store has become easy, and similarly, in Japan, convenience stores are easily accessible throughout the country. Just as in South Korea, where you can find convenience stores of various brands, in Japan, too, you can find convenience stores of different brands, and among them is the convenience store named ‘Lawson.’

Lawson convenience stores are prevalent across Japan, as accessible and diverse as Seven-Eleven. However, Lawson operates with a unique approach, running three different types of stores.

“Lawson Convenience Stores Operating in Three Types”

Lawson offers various types of stores, broadly categorized into three types, each with its distinctive features:

  • Lawson: A general atmosphere convenience store.
  • Natural Lawson: A slightly more upscale convenience store.
  • Lawson Store 100: A convenience store with a 100-yen shop vibe.

Lawson and Natural Lawson maintain a standard convenience store atmosphere, similar to what you find in South Korea. The feel of these stores closely resembles the convenience stores we are familiar with. However, “Lawson Store 100” has its uniqueness, offering an experience closer to a 100-yen shop than a conventional convenience store.

“Lawson Store 100 Operating Like a 100-Yen Shop”

“Lawson Store 100” operates as a convenience store with a 100-yen shop concept, providing the advantage of exploring a diverse range of products in one place.

This store was even introduced in the travel program “Battle Trip,” featuring in an episode where Hani and Solji from the group EXID traveled to Osaka. The program highlighted essential items to buy from the 100-yen convenience store.

“Must-Buy Items at Lawson Store 100”

Four items were introduced in the broadcast, but keep in mind that there are many more products to explore beyond those featured on TV. Here are the four items introduced:

  • Canned tuna
  • Can sake
  • Roll cake
  • Honey butter snacks