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Incheon Songdo ConvensiA Cafe: Coffee 101 Street

Incheon Songdo ConvensiA is an exhibition and convention space located at the heart of Songdo. It serves as an industrial facility where various exhibitions, meetings, and conferences take place.

Naturally, ConvensiA is a space where people gather for events such as exhibitions. As a result, you can find spaces like restaurants and cafes within ConvensiA. Near the main entrance on the first floor, there is a cafe space called “Coffee 101 Street.”

“Incheon Songdo ConvensiA Cafe, Coffee 101 Street”

Coffee 101 Street is a chain-operated establishment. “101” is a concept that means “introduction” in Korean. It was introduced in the course catalog of the University at Buffalo, where a three-digit code was assigned to each course. The first digit represented the target year, the second digit indicated the specific major, and the last digit denoted the difficulty level.

Thanks to this system, “101” came to signify a course that “first-year students can easily take regardless of their specific major,” and it is used to convey meanings like “introduction” or “basic.”

The name “Coffee 101 Street” was chosen to reflect the commitment to providing a fundamental and basic coffee experience.

“Reasonable Prices, Spacious Cafe”

The price range for a cup of Americano at Coffee 101 Street, located inside the Songdo ConvensiA exhibition hall, is approximately KRW 3,500 to KRW 4,000. This places it in the category of cafes with reasonable prices.

Another characteristic is the spaciousness of the cafe within the convention center. This allows for ample use of space. It’s worth noting that if you continue past the cafe area and go further inside, you can find a cafeteria within the convention center. After having a meal in the cafeteria, you can take a break while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Above all, being located within the exhibition and convention space makes it easily accessible for visitors to the venue. It provides a convenient space for those visiting Songdo ConvensiA for business purposes to take a short break. It also seems like a suitable place to conduct brief business meetings.

“Incheon Songdo, Coffee 101 Street Songdo ConvensiA Branch”