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Incheon Exhibition and Convention Center: Songdo Convensia

In the heart of Incheon’s Songdo New City lies an exhibition space named “Songdo Convensia.” Like COEX in Seoul and KINTEX in Ilsan, this facility provides a space for exhibitions, conventions, and various events.

After opening its first phase in October 2008, Songdo Convensia completed its second phase in July 2018. As a result, the exhibition space expanded from the original two halls to four.

“The Failed Bid for KINTEX and the Birth of Songdo Convensia”

Due to the development of Songdo International City in Incheon, there was a need to accommodate the convention demands of companies relocating to Songdo and those existing in the large industrial complexes in Namdong-gu and Bupyeong-gu. This led to the establishment of Songdo Convensia.

Originally, Incheon Metropolitan City attempted to attract KINTEX to the Songdo Convensia site. However, they failed to win the competition against Ilsan New City at the time. Subsequently, the convention center was established under a different name, which became Songdo Convensia.

“A Venue for Diverse Exhibitions and Events”

Songdo Convensia hosts various exhibitions, events, and activities in line with the concept of the exhibition space. Details about these events can be found on their website, providing information on when and what events are taking place.

“KME 2022: Event Venue”

Songdo Convensia also hosted KME 2022. KME, short for “KOREA MICE EXPO,” is an exhibition where companies in the tourism and travel sectors participate. The Korea Tourism Organization, local governments, travel agencies, and others set up booths at the event.

“Representative Sculpture of Songdo Convensia: Doodoo”

A sculpture can be seen in front of the main entrance of Songdo Convensia. The sculpture, named “Doodoo,” depicts three giants walking vigorously.

“Incheon Songdo Convensia”