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Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, ‘Travelmate’

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 commenced operations on January 18, 2018, as a response to the growing number of international travelers, necessitating the expansion of Incheon Airport.

Originally planned to be situated south of Incheon Airport Terminal 1, technical constraints led to the decision to place Terminal 2 on the north side of the airport.

“Incheon Airport Terminal 2, Travelmate”

While Terminal 2 may be smaller in scale compared to Terminal 1, it encompasses all essential facilities. Although its current size resembles that of a express bus terminal, there are signs of gradual expansion.

Upon ascending to the departure floor, a variety of stores can be found, including bookstores and a shop named ‘Travelmate,’ specializing in travel goods.

“Diverse Travel Goods at Travelmate”

True to its name, Travelmate is a store offering a diverse range of travel goods. From travel carriers to small bags and clothing, they cater to various travel needs. This allows travelers to conveniently purchase any overlooked travel items before departure.

“Also Offering Souvenirs from Korea”

Moreover, one section of the Travelmate store sells souvenirs from Korea. This makes it a convenient stop for travelers passing through Korea to pick up mementos. While purchasing souvenirs in areas like Insa-dong may offer more affordable options, if you missed the chance during your journey, this store provides a viable alternative.

“Incheon, Incheon International Airport Terminal 2”