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Incheon Guwol-dong, ‘Mugong Donkatsu Guwol Rodeo Branch’

Mugong Donkatsu is a franchise restaurant specializing in donkatsu, a popular Korean dish, and has become increasingly prevalent in various locations. The striking signage proudly declares, “No hunger! Mugong Donkatsu.”

Found in multiple places in Seoul and the Gyeonggi area, it has been featured in recommendations due to its delightful offerings.

“Incheon Guwol-dong, Mugong Donkatsu Guwol Rodeo Branch”

I had an occasion to visit Incheon after a long while. After finishing work, I sought a place nearby for a meal. As I explored the vicinity known for its restaurants, I remembered Guwol-dong. Guwol-dong is accessible by subway, near Incheon Line 1, Yeonsu-gu Office Station, and Incheon Terminal.

“Mugong Donkatsu can be found on Guwol Rodeo Street, known for various dining options. So, if you’re unsure where to eat, it’s fine to stroll through Guwol Rodeo Street and choose a place that suits your taste.

“A Variety of Donkatsu Offered”

True to its name, Mugong Donkatsu sells a variety of donkatsu. The price range is approximately between 8,000 won and the 11,000 won range. You can conveniently place your order using the kiosk provided in the store. Some of the main menu items include:

“Donkatsu Series”

  • Mugong Donkatsu: 10,500 won
  • Cheese Donkatsu: 9,500 won
  • Hamburg Steak: 9,500 won
  • Spicy Traditional Donkatsu: 9,500 won
  • Traditional Donkatsu: 8,900 won
  • Whole Sirloin Donkatsu: 7,900 won
  • Mugong Menchikatsu: 8,500 won

“Noodle Series”

  • Mugong Spicy Jjamppong: 8,900 won
  • Mugong Chewy Noodles: 6,500 won
  • Grilled Bulgogi Chewy Noodles: 7,500 won
  • King Shrimp Udon: 7,900 won
  • Mugong Udon: 6,500 won
  • Egg Udon: 6,900 won
  • Mugong Soba: 6,500 won
  • King Shrimp Soba: 7,900 won

“Donburi Series”

  • Spicy Jjukkumi Donburi: 9,500 won
  • Mugong Pork Donburi: 8,500 won

“Mugong Donkatsu: 10,500 won”

As it was intended to be a simple meal, I ordered the basic menu, Mugong Donkatsu, priced at 10,500 won. After placing the order, simple sides of kimchi and pickled radishes were provided, accompanied by a clear soup.

After a short wait, the main dish, Mugong Donkatsu, arrived, and it was quite substantial in size. While it might be a bit less for those with a big appetite, for the average person, it’s a decent place for a satisfying meal.

Overall, Mugong Donkatsu in Guwol-dong, Incheon, is a good restaurant for a simple and satisfying meal.

“Incheon Guwol-dong, Mugong Donkatsu Guwol Rodeo Branch”