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Incheon Airport – Hong Kong Flight: Asiana Airlines OZ 745

The airline I used for this Hong Kong trip was Asiana Airlines. Originally, I hadn’t planned on going to Hong Kong. I was initially considering Spain or Taiwan as my travel destination. While searching, I happened to notice that there were many flights to Hong Kong. When I checked for Hong Kong flight tickets, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were quite affordable.

The round-trip ticket from Incheon Airport to Hong Kong Airport was only 220,000 Korean won, allowing me to travel to Hong Kong for a cost similar to a trip to nearby Japan. This made me decide to go on a Hong Kong trip.

“Asiana Airlines OZ 745”

The airline I chose for this Hong Kong trip was Asiana Airlines. The departure flight from Incheon Airport to Hong Kong Airport was assigned the flight number “OZ 745.”

The aircraft type for the OZ 745 flight is the “Airbus A380-800.” It is known to have been introduced to Asiana Airlines in July 2014. This flight connects Incheon International Airport in Seoul to Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok.

“Asiana Airlines Flight OZ 745 – Economy Class”

Since I managed to get the flight at an affordable price, I naturally booked an economy class seat. Since I was traveling alone, I planned this trip with a focus on saving as much as possible.

The flight from Incheon Airport to Hong Kong Airport only takes about 3 hours. The distance between South Korea and Hong Kong seems deceptively close. If you add 3 more hours, you’d reach Singapore. It’s positioned quite centrally between South Korea and Singapore.

“Securing a Window Seat for the Journey”

Perhaps because I’ve taken several flights before, I was able to do online check-in in advance. Thanks to this, I secured a window seat for the journey. While a window seat can be less comfortable on long-haul flights, this one was only about 3 hours, so I didn’t expect to need to get up often.

I looked forward to enjoying the view outside during the journey, but unfortunately, this flight was at night, and my seat was near the wing, so I couldn’t see much. It was a bit disappointing.

“In-Flight Entertainment”

Asiana Airlines OZ 745 offers in-flight entertainment. There’s a personal monitor provided at each seat where you can enjoy movies, music, and more. However, the device felt a bit dated. I initially tried to watch a movie, but the picture quality wasn’t great, and the sound quality wasn’t very impressive either, so I decided not to use it.

“Asiana Airlines: In-Flight Meals”

After the plane took off from Incheon Airport and reached cruising altitude, the in-flight meals started to be served. Passengers could choose between chicken bibimbap and beef bibimbap. I chose the beef bibimbap. It was a satisfying meal at a time when I was starting to feel a bit hungry.

After finishing the meal and taking a short nap, we soon arrived at Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International Airport. Since it was a relatively short 3-hour flight, I was starting to get a bit impatient for our destination.

“One Hour Time Difference between South Korea and Hong Kong”

There is a one-hour time difference between South Korea and Hong Kong. So when traveling from South Korea to Hong Kong, you gain one hour. On the other hand, when returning from Hong Kong to South Korea, you lose one hour.

When traveling from South Korea to a foreign country, you effectively have a bit more time to explore the local area, which can be considered an advantage.

Through Asiana Airlines, I set foot in Hong Kong for the first time, and it was finally time to start my Hong Kong journey.