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Incheon Airport: Convenient Facilities

Incheon Airport, which can be considered as Korea’s largest international airport, competes for the top positions globally alongside Singapore’s Changi Airport. Based on recent records, Incheon Airport has been known to claim the title of the world’s best airport multiple times. Incheon Airport, especially in terms of facilities, receives outstanding evaluations and stands as the world’s largest airport. In contrast, rival Changi Airport excels in transit services.

Let’s take a moment to look into and gather information about the ten convenient facilities available at Incheon Airport, which is regarded as Korea’s largest airport.

“Ten Convenient Facilities at Incheon Airport”

  1. Airport Congestion Search Service
  2. Self Check-in Service
  3. Free Shower Facilities
  4. Coat Storage Service
  5. Free Resting Rooms Service
  6. Free PC Room Service
  7. Free Electric Cart Service
  8. Jjimjilbang (Spa On Air)
  9. Capsule Hotel (Dalak Hyu)
  10. Incheon Airport – Wolmido Ferry Service

“Airport Congestion Search Service”

Airports are not spaces used by individuals alone. They are shared spaces used by people from various countries worldwide. As a result, airports are always bustling with people, with both departing and arriving passengers in large numbers.

There are specific peak hours when crowds tend to gather. In such cases, the queue for departure checks can become long, potentially causing passengers to miss their flights. To prevent such situations, Incheon Airport shares data on the number of passengers using the airport, categorized by time and terminal.

To use this service, simply search for “Incheon Airport Congestion” in the Naver search bar, and you’ll be able to see the real-time passenger count.

“Self Check-in Service”

Incheon Airport provides kiosks for swift check-in procedures. You can use the kiosks, also known as self-check-in machines, located within the airport to assign seats and receive boarding passes. Additionally, in case you find using the kiosk challenging, there are always attendants available nearby to assist.

While you could stand in line for ticketing, using the self-check-in service to swiftly obtain your ticket can be convenient. This is especially useful during peak hours when the airport is bustling with travelers.

“Free Showers on the 4th Floor of the Departure Terminal and Duty-Free Area”

On the 4th floor of the departure terminal and the 4th floor of the duty-free area at Incheon Airport, you can find shower facilities available for free. This service is offered free of charge to transit passengers, allowing each person to use it for up to 30 minutes. For general passengers, there’s a fee of 2,000 KRW, which includes towels, shampoo, and toothbrush.

“Coat Storage Services by Korean Air and Asiana Airlines”

Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, the two major airlines in South Korea, operate coat storage services. They provide free coat storage for up to five days per person. If you wish to extend the storage period, Korean Air charges a maximum of 2,500 KRW per day, while Asiana Airlines charges an additional fee of approximately 2,000 KRW.

This service is particularly useful when traveling to a new destination with a completely different climate and weather from Korea. It’s especially beneficial when heading to a warm place in Southeast Asia during the cold winter months.

“Free Resting Rooms at the Western and Eastern Ends of the 4th Floor”

On the 4th floor at the western and eastern ends of the passenger terminal, you’ll find resting rooms. These rooms are equipped with bed-style sofas and massage chairs, providing travelers with the opportunity to relax and rest before or during their journey.

“Free Internet Cafe at Incheon Airport”

Incheon Airport operates a free internet cafe. Here, you can not only use computers for free but also access services like faxing, printing, mailing, and even borrow books. It’s a handy place to visit in case you need to urgently print something.

“Airport Railroad – Free Electric Cart Service at Incheon Airport”

When entering Incheon Airport via the Airport Railroad, you can use the free electric cart service from the Airport Railroad to Incheon Airport. The electric carts operate from the Airport Railroad’s transportation center directly in front of the platform to the passenger terminal’s underground 1st floor elevator. The location is “Counter F, based on arrival/departure gates.”

Conversely, the service also operates from the passenger terminal to the transportation center. The intervals between carts are approximately 5 to 8 minutes, and anyone can board for free. The service hours are from “7:00 AM to 7:00 PM,” with the last cart departing at 6:50 PM.

“Jjimjilbang (Sauna) at Incheon Airport”

On the underground 1st floor of Incheon Airport, you’ll find a jjimjilbang (sauna) named Spa On Air. It’s a space where transit passengers or those taking early morning or late-night flights can take a short rest or sleep.

When using the jjimjilbang, you might be concerned about storing your luggage, but fortunately, the jjimjilbang at Incheon Airport also provides luggage storage services.

“Incheon Airport Capsule Hotel: Dalak Hyu”

Incheon Airport operates a capsule hotel called “Dalak Hyu.” When you find yourself in need of an overnight stay at Incheon Airport, this is a suitable option.

Especially for solo travelers who simply want a comfortable place to sleep, this service is convenient. For more detailed information about the Incheon Airport capsule hotel “Dalak Hyu,” you can visit the link: https://www.walkerhill.com/capsulehotel/

“Using the Ferry Service from Incheon Airport to Wolmido”

On Yeongjong Island, where Incheon Airport is located, you can find ferry services to “Wolmido,” which is just about a 20-minute journey away. Looking at the map, the distance between Yeongjong Island and Wolmido is not very far.

So, if you happen to visit Incheon Airport but find yourself with too much time before your flight, taking a short trip to nearby Wolmido for some enjoyable moments and then returning in time for your flight can be a great option.

Here, we’ve taken a look at ten convenient facilities offered at Incheon Airport. I hope this useful information helps with your travel plans, and I wish you an enjoyable trip.