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“IFC Mall” at Seoul Yeouido International Finance Center

The “Seoul International Finance Center” located in Yeouido, Seoul, is referred to as “IFC SEOUL.” In English, it is called “International Finance Centre Seoul.” IFC consists of four buildings: “One IFC, Two IFC, Three IFC, Conrad Seoul Hotel.”

IFC, an abbreviation for International Finance Center, is an international business district and shopping mall in Yeouido. It was the first international finance center constructed in South Korea and the third in Seoul.

“Commercial Facility at Seoul International Finance Center, IFC Mall”

“IFC Mall” is a space filled with various commercial facilities, as the name suggests. The building is located underground, spanning from the first basement floor to the third basement floor.

Although it is an underground building, the ceiling is made of glass, providing excellent natural lighting, creating an illusion that feels like it’s above ground. Here, you can find establishments such as CGV Yeouido, Youngpoong Bookstore, ZARA, UNIQLO, MANGO, and Apple Store.

“IFC Mall Linked to Yeouido Station via Underground”

While Yeouido Station, which serves Subway Line 5 and Line 9, is relatively close, it’s a bit of a distance to walk. Fortunately, visiting IFC Mall via the subway is not too difficult.

It is connected through an underground passage from the subway, and in the middle of the passage, there is a long flat escalator that resembles what you might see at an airport, making it comfortable to move around.

As you travel through the underground passage from Yeouido Station, you can find the entrance leading to “IFC Mall” on the left. If you continue straight without entering the entrance, you may also find an entrance leading to “The Hyundai Seoul.”

A complex space where you can find various shops, restaurants, cafes, and more, visiting Yeouido naturally leads you to this landmark location in Yeouido.

“Seoul Yeouido International Finance Center Commercial District IFC Mall”

  • Address: 10, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07326
  • Phone: 02-6137-5000
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Website: IFC Mall Seoul