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Seoul Yeouido IFC Mall: Apple Store

Since the first Apple Store in South Korea landed on Garosu-gil, Apgujeong, on January 27, 2018, Apple Stores in Yeouido, Myeongdong, Jamsil, and Gangnam have successively opened. Among them, the “Myeongdong” branch is actively serving as Apple’s flagship store in South Korea.

“After the opening of the Garosu-gil store in Seoul, stores have been opening one by one in different areas of Seoul. The Yeouido branch is the second store to open in Seoul.”

“The Apple Store located in Yeouido IFC Mall”

The second Apple Store is located on the basement floor of Yeouido IFC Mall. It is situated near the north entrance, so if you enter through the south entrance via the subway, you’ll have to walk quite a bit. However, by using the main entrance of IFC Mall facing Yeouido Park, you can move quickly.

Despite being located in the basement, IFC Mall in South Korea has everything underground. Despite being underground, it doesn’t feel particularly stuffy, and when you actually visit, you don’t get a strong sense of being underground.

“My visit to the Apple Store for MacBook keyboard repair”

The reason I visited the Apple Store that day was simple. The keyboard of my existing MacBook Pro suddenly stopped working. I made a reservation for the Apple Genius Bar for MacBook repair and visited.

The diagnosis result revealed that there was a problem with the keyboard itself. At the same time, it was diagnosed that the battery was swollen.

The Apple Store charges nearly KRW 100,000 for labor alone for keyboard replacement. However, in a way, it was fortunate that the swollen battery acted as a stroke of luck. If surrounding devices like the keyboard were affected due to battery swelling, they wouldn’t charge for labor, only for parts.

In the end, I decided to replace both the battery and keyboard for about KRW 250,000. I placed the order around 3 PM on Saturday, and it was ready for pickup around 11 AM on Sunday. Fortunately, the malfunction occurred on a weekday Friday, so I was able to get it repaired quickly.

“Apple’s culture of congratulating when purchasing a product”

When you visit the Apple Store, you may occasionally hear an Apple employee shout “Everyone!” When someone makes a purchase at the Apple Store, it’s a kind of service they provide if the customer wants.

“… has purchased …,” or “… has received an Apple product from …,” and similar statements are used. The content seems to be filled in according to what the customer wants.

When this kind of announcement is made, Apple employees pay attention, and then cheer and applaud. Guests who visit the store also join in the applause to congratulate.

It’s an interesting service from Apple that you can request and experience when you want to purchase a product and receive congratulations from many people.

“Today at Apple”

The Yeouido Apple Store, like other Apple Stores, conducts sessions called “Today at Apple” on the first floor.

Various lectures are held, such as how to take photos with an iPhone, how to edit them, and how to edit videos after shooting. If you’re interested, you can attend and check them out.

“A store where you can freely experience various Apple products”

The Apple Store is an open space. Anyone can visit, experience the products created by Apple, and if they like, make a purchase.

Furthermore, within 2 weeks of purchase, you can get a refund for any reason. Even if you simply don’t like it, you can get a refund. So, even if you’re unsure whether to buy a product, you can first try using it after purchase and then decide whether to continue using it or not.

Of course, in theory, if you proceed with a refund within 2 weeks after purchasing a product, and then proceed with another refund within 2 weeks after purchasing a new product, you could potentially use Apple products for free for the rest of your life. However, it’s not really recommended.

“Seoul Yeouido Apple Store”