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Hwacheon: Aquatic Resort, Where Gorbachev Stayed

The Aquatic Resort is a pension located in Hwacheon. Nestled in the embrace of Hwacheon Lake and Paroho, it is situated in the heart of Hwacheon, known for its Dam of Peace and as the birthplace of the Trout Festival.

“A Tranquil Retreat in Nature”

As its introduction suggests, the Aquatic Resort is an ideal place for healing amidst nature’s embrace, offering opportunities to relax while gazing at the natural surroundings.

Particularly suitable for family gatherings or group travel, the resort provides a place to stay, dine, engage in conversations, and take a break, all while enjoying the serene environment.

“Former Soviet President Gorbachev’s Stay at Aquatic Resort”

The Aquatic Resort holds a special place in history. On May 26, 2009, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev visited and stayed at the resort during the dedication ceremony of the “World Peace Gongwon”. He stayed in the ‘Water Pavilion’ of the Aquatic Resort, invited as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate to visit Hwacheon.

The record of his visit can be verified at the Water Pavilion of the Aquatic Resort. Inside the pension, there is also an album containing photos from that time. At the entrance of the pension, a plaque with Gorbachev’s personal message is displayed, featuring both the original Russian text and its Korean translation.

  • “Dear everyone! You all have. prepared and conducted the event wonderfully with your whole hearts. I am very grateful for this! Goodbye.”
    • Mikhail Gorbachev, May 26, 2009
    • Visited on May 25-26, 2009, for. the dedication ceremony of the ‘World Peace Gongwon’ and stayed at Aquatic Resort (Water Pavilion).

“The Sofa Where Gorbachev Sat, Preserved in the Water Pavilion”

Inside the Water Pavilion, the chair where former President Gorbachev sat remains intact. Among the chairs in the living room, the one attached to the window is where Gorbachev sat. Thanks to this, visitors who stay or visit the Water Pavilion intentionally sit there to absorb the aura of President Gorbachev.

Overall, the resort exudes a comfortable feeling in the midst of nature, making it an excellent place for healing. Additionally, with its connection to President Gorbachev, it holds a special place with unique anecdotes.

“Hwacheon, Gangwon Province: Aquatic Resort”