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The Unrelated ‘Hollywood Road’ of Hong Kong

In the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong, you can find a place named “Hollywood Road.” When you hear the name Hollywood Road, it might evoke thoughts of the famous Hollywood Boulevard in the United States. Interestingly, in Hong Kong, you can indeed find a street bearing the same name.

However, Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road has no connection whatsoever with the Hollywood Road in the United States.

“The Origin of Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road Name”

Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road was named about 40 years earlier than its American counterpart. It has been known as Hollywood Road since 1844. There are several theories about the origin of its name.

First, it is said that it was named Hollywood Road after the hometown of John Francis Davis, the second Governor of Hong Kong.

Second, during the British occupation of Hong Kong, it is believed that the area where Hollywood Road now stands was abundant with holly trees. The English name for this type of tree is “Holly,” which may have contributed to the naming of Hollywood Road.

While the exact origin remains uncertain, to this day, this place is referred to as Hollywood Road.

“The Hub of NOHO and SOHO – North and South of Hollywood Road”

Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road lies at the heart of two famous streets in Hong Kong known as NOHO (North Of Hollywood Road) and SOHO (South Of Hollywood Road).

The names NOHO and SOHO derive from the abbreviations of “North Of Hollywood Road” and “South Of Hollywood Road” respectively, signifying the division created by Hollywood Road.

“Exploring Diverse Building Murals in the Area”

Along Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road, you can find various murals adorning the buildings. Simply strolling down the street and admiring these murals can provide an engaging experience. You can immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant murals scattered throughout the area, offering an unconventional experience. While it may initially evoke thoughts of the Hollywood in the U.S., upon visiting, you’ll find it’s unrelated to the film industry. Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing place where you can appreciate a variety of murals.

“Hong Kong, Sheung Wan, Hollywood Road”

  • Address: Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.