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Hong Kong Tai O Village, Kwan Tai Temple

In history, Guan Yu, a prominent figure, became deified after his passing. In Chinese culture, it’s easy to find temples or shrines dedicated to Guan Yu. Even in countries influenced by Chinese culture, one can come across temples venerating Guan Yu. In South Korea, Dongmyo in Seoul is precisely such a temple dedicated to Guan Yu.

Hong Kong, being part of China, also offers various places to encounter Guan Yu temples. In the central district of Hong Kong, known as Central, there is the Man Mo Temple, where both Guan Yu and Confucius are enshrined. Likewise, in Macau, at the “Three-Corner Hall,” I also found a shrine dedicated to Guan Yu.

“Kwan Tai Temple in Tai O Village, a Waterside Village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong”

In Tai O Village, a waterside village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, you can also find the Kwan Tai Temple. Located at the heart of the village, it carries the name “Kwan Tai Temple.”

Here, Guan Yu is revered as a deity, portrayed as a figure who showed loyalty, valor, and bravery in both war and the realm of the gods.

“Relatively Modest Kwan Tai Temple”

Kwan Tai Temple in Tai O Village exudes a tranquil and serene atmosphere, relatively secluded. It imparts a feeling of peacefulness that aligns perfectly with its rural surroundings. Being a temple found in a quiet countryside village, it only accentuates this sentiment.

At Kwan Tai Temple, you can observe various statues. One peculiar sculpture depicts a figure raising their index finger, with a statue balanced atop, creating an intriguing visual.

During my travels in Hong Kong and Macau, visiting Kwan Tai Temple as the final stop and comparing it with the other two temples was a delightful experience.

“Kwan Tai Temple, Lantau Island, Tai O Village”

  • Address: Kwan Tai Temple, Tai O, Hong Kong.