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Fuji TV Headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo

Just as one can find the “KBS” broadcasting station in Yeouido, Seoul, you can discover the headquarters of “Fuji TV” in Odaiba, Tokyo. Founded in 1957, Fuji TV stands as Japan’s largest private television network.

Fuji TV’s headquarters is well-known for its distinctive design, making it a prominent landmark not only due to its scale but also its unique architecture.

Exploring Inside Fuji TV:

If you visit Fuji TV headquarters during daytime hours, you may have the opportunity to explore its interior. Additionally, there is an observation deck within the building that provides a panoramic view of Odaiba. Unfortunately, the author visited in the late evening on a Sunday, so access to the building’s interior wasn’t possible.

Illuminating the Building with LED Lights:

For those visiting Fuji TV headquarters in the evening, the building’s exterior is illuminated using LED lights, creating visually appealing displays. The LED lights are used to create images and convey messages, accompanied by background music that unmistakably identifies the building as a broadcasting station.

While not necessarily a destination solely for the LED lighting, it’s a pleasant place to explore during the day, perhaps taking a brief look in the evening to enjoy the illuminated spectacle.

Additional Attractions Nearby:

The vicinity includes attractions such as the Statue of Liberty and a life-sized Gundam, providing diverse points of interest for visitors.

”Fuji TV Headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo“

  • Address: 2-4-8 Daiba, Minato City, Tokyo 135-0091, Japan
  • Phone: +81 3-5500-8888
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)
  • Website: http://www.fujitv.co.jp