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Does Singapore have a tipping culture?

While it may not be present in our country, there is a culture called “tipping culture” that can be found in some foreign countries. Tipping culture is particularly common in the United States and some Western countries, where it involves paying a service charge to employees such as waitstaff in hotels or restaurants.

“By U.S. standards, tips range from 10-20% of the meal cost.”

In the United States, tips typically range from about 10% to 20% of the meal cost. In other Western countries, excluding the United States, tipping is usually around 10%.

“Having been under British rule in the past, does Singapore have a tipping culture?”

Singapore was once under British rule, leading to the thought that it might have been influenced by Western culture and thus have a tipping culture. However, to cut to the conclusion, Singapore does not have a tipping culture. Therefore, when visiting Singapore, there is no need to worry about unfamiliar tipping practices.

“Some restaurants and hotels automatically impose a 10% service charge.”

While Singapore does not have a tipping culture, some restaurants and hotels automatically include a 10% service charge. However, this is not a universal practice and is typically applied in relatively expensive and upscale establishments.

Therefore, if you plan to dine at a seemingly upscale restaurant, it may be helpful to anticipate an additional 10% service charge on top of the food cost.

In summary, we have examined the tipping culture in Singapore. Once again, it’s important to note that Singapore does not have a tipping culture, so there is no need to worry about tips. We hope this information proves useful in preparing for your travels.