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Danghyeoncheon (堂峴川) in Seoul, Sanggye-dong, Junggye-dong

Danghyeoncheon is a local river in Seoul, originating from Suraksan in Nowon-gu, flowing into Jungnangcheon. It is situated on the border between Sanggye and Junggye, with Sanggye Station located just above the river.

The name originates from Danggo Hill, and when written in Chinese characters, it becomes Danghyeon. It was a small stream before urban development, and part of the riverbed was channeled into Danghyeoncheon-gil. Before the restoration of Danghyeoncheon, the riverbanks were often covered in trash, with barely a trickle of water visible in the streambed. Only after rain could one witness water flowing.

“Restored as an Ecological Stream – Danghyeoncheon”

Danghyeoncheon’s development plan was established in December 2006 by Ino Geun, the head of Nowon-gu, and the ecological stream project began in 2007. In November 2009, a groundbreaking ceremony was held near Sanggye Station, but construction continued.

Steady progress was made, aiming for completion by December 2012, but it was officially completed in March 2013.

“The Current State of Danghyeoncheon”

Presently, Danghyeoncheon has been restored as an ecological stream. Despite the densely populated apartment complexes surrounding it, the stream serves as a walkway and cycling path due to its accessibility from the apartments.

The ecosystem has also seen some restoration, with plenty of fish visible. Currently flowing between Sanggye Station and Junggye Station, Danghyeoncheon serves as a park revitalizing the lives of residents in Sanggye-dong and Junggye-dong.

“Danghyeoncheon in Sanggye-dong, Junggye-dong, Seoul”

  • Address: 467-2 Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul