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Challenge for April 2024: “Walking over 10,000 steps daily and writing at least 4 articles.”

It feels like 2024 just started, but it’s already April 1st. A quarter of the year has passed. Looking at the weather, it seems like spring has truly arrived.

Although some chilly days linger, overall, there’s a sense of warmth in the air, with flowers blooming around, marking the end of a long winter.

“Spring 2024, the beginning of a new year.”

While the year officially starts in January, the real beginning seems to be with the arrival of spring. Schools may start in March, but it’s still chilly, and April feels like the true start of spring.

With warmer weather, it’s time to be productive. Plans for 2024 are ongoing, with short-term goals evolving.

“30-Day Challenge: Trying Something New”

Thinking about TED Talks, particularly “Try Something New for 30 days,” I decided to embark on monthly challenges, starting with April.

“New Challenges for April:

  1. Walk over 10,000 steps daily
  2. Write or publish at least 4 articles daily”

Starting with lighter tasks in April, I’ll resume outdoor activities like walking and eventually incorporate running as my fitness improves.

Instead of taking the bus to the subway station, I’ve started walking, saving time and naturally increasing my daily step count.

After lunch, even a short 10-minute walk adds to my daily steps.

Though these activities may seem minor compared to rigorous workouts, they prepare me for more intense exercises in the future.

“Writing 4 or more articles daily or publishing them.”

While I write daily, recent focus on reading has reduced my writing time. To alleviate the backlog, I plan to write and publish articles on weekdays.

This week’s plan:

  1. Write on Mon, Wed, Fri
  2. Publish on Tue, Thu

This way, I can manage workload and still have time for relaxation, exploration, and new experiences on weekends.

Starting the “30-Day Challenge” abruptly, April’s plan begins with lighter tasks, allowing for adjustments and setting the stage for future plans.