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Kim Dong-soon & Bae Kwang-seon “Bible 2.0: Genesis, Job”

The Bible, also known as “The Bible” in English, is often referred to as the “standard” and is considered one of the world’s best-selling books. However, despite being one of the most widely sold bestsellers globally, it is also one of the least read books.

While many people have heard of the Bible, few have read it from cover to cover. This is partly due to its religious connotations and its extensive content. However, considering that stories from the Bible are often reinterpreted and alluded to in modern films, taking the time to explore the Bible could be beneficial in one’s life if there’s an opportunity.

“Bible 2.0: Genesis, Job” is a book that emerged in response to this situation. It aims to make the Bible more accessible to those who have not encountered it due to its length and religious complexity.

To alleviate the weightiness of the Bible, this book is published by dividing it into stories. Part 1 covers Genesis and Job.

To make it even more accessible, it is presented not in text but in the form of “comics.” While this comic version may lack the weightiness of the original text, it provides a cleaner presentation of information.

“The book also depicts complex character relationships through illustrations and diagrams, making it easier to understand.”

Understanding the relationships between characters is often the most challenging aspect of engaging with the Bible. With many characters and intertwined relationships, it’s easy to get confused. However, this book provides illustrations and diagrams to make these relationships easier to grasp.

“Though it simplifies the Bible, it still contains the dualistic worldview characteristic of Christianity.”

Even for those without religious motives, encountering the Bible at least once may be useful. Especially considering the many literary works and films influenced by the Bible. European literature, in particular, draws heavily from its content, especially medieval works.

While presenting the Bible in a comic format may help beginners, it’s also somewhat disappointing as it leans heavily towards the dualistic worldview characteristic of Christianity. The simplistic view of rewarding the righteous and punishing the wicked may leave something to be desired. However, this may be an unavoidable aspect given the foundational settings of the Bible.

“Bible 2.0: Genesis, Job – A 2nd Generation Bible Upgraded After a Millennium”

  • Authors: Kim Dong-soon & Bae Kwang-seon
  • Publication Date: May 5, 2013
  • ISBN13: 9788997923021
  • Yes24: http://app.ac/utwR6WM03