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“Jeong Ui-seok: ‘The Era of One Person, One Book is Coming'”

In the past, writing and authoring books seemed like something only chosen individuals could do. However, as we moved into the modern era, access to knowledge has become democratized, and more people are participating in creative endeavors than ever before.

While in the past, publishing a book meant it had to be printed, nowadays, people are writing books using platforms like blogs. Furthermore, publishing has become more democratized compared to the past, with some even compiling blog posts into books for publication.

“Jeong Ui-seok’s book, ‘The Era of One Person, One Book is Coming,'”

This book by Jeong Ui-seok reflects the current trend. With the concept of one person having one book, it heralds a shift towards an era where more people participate as authors compared to the past.

In the past, only a few individuals were authors, but now, the times have changed, and many people are writing and publishing books.

“How to Write a Book?”

More people are writing books now than ever before. However, many still feel unprepared and hesitant to publish.

In Jeong Ui-seok’s book, he shares methods for writing well. It covers the overall process of planning, organizing, selecting topics, writing, publishing, and promoting a book.

Well-written content informs or resonates with readers. The book discusses how to create such content, outlining the necessary steps and considerations.

Topics covered in the book include:

  1. Planning your writing
  2. Structuring logical writing
  3. Finding and storing appropriate topics
  4. Utilizing suitable promotional channels

“A Recommended Book for Those Who Want to Write Well and Publish but Feel Uncertain”

Ultimately, the book deals with the topic of “how to write a book,” making it a recommended read for those who aspire to write well and publish but feel uncertain about it.

“The Era of One Person, One Book is Coming”

  • Author: Jeong Ui-seok
  • Publication Date: July 1, 2017
  • ISBN: 9791196110703
  • Available at Yes24: http://app.ac/TEruAVS73