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Busan’s Iconic Market: Jagalchi Fish Market

When it comes to representing Busan, one would likely think of the “Jagalchi Fish Market” first. Comparable to Seoul’s “Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market,” Jagalchi Fish Market stands out for its location along the coast of Busan, while Noryangjin is situated along the Han River.

“Representative Fish Market of Busan: Jagalchi Fish Market”

Jagalchi Fish Market not only represents Busan but also stands as a flagship fish market for all of South Korea. It is the largest-scale fish market in the country. Consequently, it’s one of the first places that naturally comes to mind when thinking of markets in Busan.

“How to Get to Jagalchi Fish Market”

Getting to Jagalchi Fish Market is straightforward. You can use the subway to reach it. Simply exit at Jagalchi Station and take Exit 10 to arrive at Jagalchi Fish Market.

“A Fusion of Old and New: Jagalchi Fish Market”

Jagalchi Fish Market combines both the old and the new. Just like Seoul’s Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, efforts have been made to modernize the market. This has resulted in an outdoor market coexisting with a modern building housing the new market.

“Jagalchi: A Place with Pebbles”

While the exact origin of the name “Jagalchi” is not confirmed, it is presumed to mean “a place with pebbles” or “a hill with pebbles.” There are theories suggesting that “chi” was derived from “hill chi” or that “chi,” meaning “place with pebbles,” transformed into “chi.”

“A View of Busan’s South Harbor”

Jagalchi Fish Market offers a view of Busan’s South Harbor. It provides a different atmosphere compared to the sea views from Haeundae or Gwangalli. The harbor is filled with fishing boats responsible for the local catch, creating a unique ambiance that offers a different experience for tourists and travelers.

By the way, Busan’s South Harbor functions as both a port and a fishery. This natural combination led to the establishment of this fish market.


A new sculpture has appeared, which was not present during my previous visits. The sculpture reads “I LOVE JAGALCHI” and can be found behind the new section of Jagalchi Market. It’s easily noticeable, so finding it shouldn’t be a challenge.

If you’re traveling in Busan, taking a snapshot with this sculpture could become a cherished memory of your trip.

Furthermore, if you cross a major road just north of Jagalchi Fish Market, you’ll find yourself entering “BIFF Square.” Although the Busan International Film Festival no longer takes place here, it remains a symbolic location as the birthplace of the festival. Additionally, you can sample various street foods nearby, making it a worthwhile visit.

“Busan Jagalchi Fish Market”