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Busan Nampong-dong: BIFF Square

In Busan’s Nampong-dong, you’ll find “BIFF Square.” BIFF stands for Busan International Film Festival, and this square is closely related to the festival. The Busan International Film Festival, which began in 1996, led to the creation of this film-themed area.

While the Busan International Film Festival is no longer held in Nampong-dong and has moved to Haeundae and Centum City, BIFF Square remains symbolically significant as the original location of the festival.

“Busan International Film Festival Street: BIFF Square”

The Busan International Film Festival Street was centered around the former MegaBox in Nampong-dong. As mentioned, although the festival no longer takes place here, the square is still bustling with people.

While the street isn’t very long or wide, you can find a variety of street food options.

“A Variety of Street Food Options”

Currently, it serves as more of a symbolic location. However, it continues to be a popular spot, and you can still find a variety of street food options here. From Busan’s famous “Seed Hotteok” to chicken skewers and fruit beverages, you can taste a range of local delicacies.

Thanks to the various snacks available throughout BIFF Square, it’s a delightful place to indulge in some street food.

Personally, I first visited this place in 2014. This visit took place in 2022, so approximately eight years have passed since my first visit. It’s impressive to see that the street has maintained the same appearance.

Returning to a place I visited in the past brings back memories, allowing me to briefly immerse myself in nostalgia.

“Cross the Street to Find Jagalchi Fish Market”

Crossing the pedestrian crossing from BIFF Square will lead you to one of Busan’s most renowned markets, “Jagalchi Fish Market.” By walking a bit further after crossing the street, you can head towards Jagalchi Fish Market.

Since it’s adjacent to Jagalchi Fish Market, it’s worth taking a moment to explore both BIFF Square and the market.

“Busan BIFF Square”

  • Address: 15-1 Nampong-dong 3-ga, Jung-gu, Busan