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Bugis Plus Arcade – Entertainment Hub in Bugis, Singapore

Bugis, located northeast in the heart of Singapore, has undergone significant transformation over the years. Once known as a gathering place for trans women from the 1950s to the 1980s, Bugis underwent a complete makeover in the mid-1980s. The Singapore government introduced shopping malls, restaurants, and even the Bugis MRT subway station during this redevelopment phase.

As a result, present-day Bugis has evolved into a vibrant area where you can find trendy items, distinguishing itself as another shopping hotspot, distinct from Orchard Road.

“Bugis Plus”

Bugis Plus, located in Bugis, is a shopping mall resembling those commonly found in South Korea. It houses a variety of stores, both large and small, offering a shopping experience not vastly different from what you’d find in Korea.

“Arcade at Bugis Plus”

However, what sets it apart is the arcade found on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building. Although not extensive, the arcade provides facilities for recreation, including a billiards room, a dart area, and a modestly-sized arcade section.

“Singapore’s Arcade Experience”

Unlike the electronic game-dominated arcades in South Korea, Singapore’s arcades offer a touch of analog nostalgia. Games like foosball and table soccer are available, providing a unique gaming experience rarely seen in Korea.

“Memory Bingo Game”

One particularly intriguing game was the Memory Bingo game. Unlike typical games relying on electronic devices, this analog game required human involvement and an element of luck. It was refreshing to encounter games that seemed almost lost in time, bringing a sense of nostalgia.

“Participation in Memory Bingo”

Initially planning just to observe, the staff recommended trying the Memory Bingo game. The rules were simple: select 18 numbers out of 1-30 on the Bingo board. Completing one line earns the 3rd prize, two lines earn the 2nd prize, and three lines earn the 1st prize. It involved a brief 10-second period to memorize the numbers before gradually revealing them, allowing participants to create a Bingo line.

”Unique Experience“

Despite not winning on the first attempt and investing 10 Singapore dollars (approximately 8,000 won) for another round, the unique experience made it worthwhile. The arcade offered a chance to engage in activities not commonly found in South Korea.

“Bugis, Singapore: Bugis Plus (BUGIS+)”