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Singapore, Trendy Shopping Haven – Bugis

Bugis, located northeast of downtown Singapore, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Once known as a street where trans women gathered from the 1950s to the 1980s, Bugis underwent a complete overhaul in the mid-1980s. The Singaporean government developed shopping malls and established restaurants, giving birth to a new Bugis. The process also introduced the Bugis MRT subway station.

Now, Bugis has become an entirely new destination, offering trendy items and emerging as a distinct shopping hub apart from Orchard Road.

Bugis – Diverse Attractions

Bugis boasts numerous shopping malls, featuring unique and trendy items. The streets are lined with a variety of goods, particularly appealing to the younger crowd.

One notable spot is “Bugis Junction,” situated between VHG Department Store and the InterContinental Hotel. It’s a unique shopping mall with glass ceilings spanning alleyways, creating an indoor-like atmosphere. This design allows for commercial activities to proceed seamlessly even on hot Singaporean days.

Bugis Plus – Large Shopping Mall Vibe

Adjacent to Bugis Junction is “Bugis Plus,” another shopping mall. Here, you’ll find various shops and entertainment options. While exploring Bugis Plus, I stumbled upon areas reminiscent of South Korean arcades on the 3rd and 4th floors. It was intriguing to see analog games like “Lingtos” and memory games alongside digital games, a departure from the dominance of digital games in South Korean arcades.

Bugis Street Market – Varied Food, Drinks, and Goods

Beyond Bugis, there’s the “Bugis Street Market,” a somewhat chaotic yet vibrant marketplace. Despite its slightly disorganized feel, it’s a place where you can sample local food at affordable prices. I personally tried a “Durian Drink” for 2 Singapore dollars, an interesting experience despite the initially strong ammonia-like scent associated with durian. The purchase was worthwhile, and I managed to finish the entire drink.

Arab Street and Haji Lane – Near Bugis

Not far from Bugis, you can explore “Arab Street” and “Haji Lane,” areas where Islamic culture thrives. Just a 5 to 10-minute walk from Bugis, these places offer a glimpse into Singapore’s diverse cultural fabric.

Arab Street provides a taste of Islamic culture in Singapore. The “Masjid Sultan” mosque stands at its core, surrounded by various facets of Islamic culture for visitors to enjoy.

In Singapore, within this small city-state, you can savor diverse and exotic cultures. Bugis, with its unique atmosphere distinct from the upscale Orchard Road, serves as an excellent place to discover trendy items with a local touch.

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