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BTS Bus Stop at Gangneung Jumunjin Beach

Gangneung’s Jumunjin Beach is renowned not only for its picturesque scenery but has gained even more popularity recently. It has become associated with the global K-pop sensation, particularly due to its connection with the internationally acclaimed idol group “BTS.”

“Location of BTS Album Jacket Photoshoot”

At one corner of Jumunjin Beach, you can find the BTS Bus Stop, a popular attraction for domestic and international tourists. This bus stop appeared in the album jacket photo of BTS, the group that first topped the U.S. Billboard Album Chart in K-pop history.

Although the bus stop is not operational, it was temporarily constructed for the photoshoot and later dismantled. However, due to the surge in BTS’s popularity, the place was recreated as a photo zone for tourists.

It has garnered explosive reactions from BTS fans both domestically and internationally, emerging as a highlight of Jumunjin Beach.

“BTS Bus Stop on the North Side of Jumunjin Beach”

You can find the BTS Bus Stop on the north side of Jumunjin Beach. If you stroll along the beach, you’ll come across it towards the end of the beach area. There’s a sculpture inscribed with “#StampTour,” and you’ll easily spot crowds taking photos at this spot.

“Visited by U.S. State Department Students and Groups”

I recently visited the BTS Bus Stop with a group of U.S. State Department scholars. It was part of our end-of-program graduation trip, and it seems that idols are quite popular among teenagers, as their reaction was notably positive.

It seems that South Korea is increasingly establishing itself as a hub for cultural content. There’s a palpable sense that content is evolving and diversifying compared to the past.

Named after the location where BTS shot their album jacket, the BTS Bus Stop at Jumunjin Beach in Gangneung is a noteworthy spot. Visiting and capturing a meaningful commemorative photo here would be a great idea.

“Gangneung Jumunjin Beach, BTS Bus Stop”

  • Address: 8-39 Hyangho-ri, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea