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Summer Scenery at Gangneung Jumunjin Beach

In the area around Gangneung along the East Sea coast, you can find terrains with the sea. Thanks to this, during the summer vacation season, many people tend to head to the Gangneung area. There are various well-known beaches in Gangneung, including Gyeongpo Beach, where you can explore both large and small beaches.

Jumunjin is a region located in the northern part of Gangneung. Following in the order of Jumunjin Beach, Yeongjin Beach, and Gyeongpo Beach, the beaches extend from north to south. They are somewhat similar but have slight differences.

“Summer Scenery at Gangneung Jumunjin Beach”

I recently went on a 1-night, 2-day trip to Gangneung this summer. Truth be told, it could be considered more of a pilgrimage than a trip. This journey wasn’t taken with close acquaintances for a quiet getaway, but rather, it was a trip I made with U.S. State Department scholars. It was a trip I undertook while supervising the students, so it’s a bit difficult to categorize it purely as a leisure trip.

I visited Gangneung’s Jumunjin Beach on August 6, 2023. It was in the midst of a scorching heatwave, so even opening my eyes wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, due to the hot weather, I was able to enjoy the beach even more refreshingly.

Certainly, the same sea can exude entirely different atmospheres in winter and summer. If the winter sea gives a calm and somewhat lonely feeling, the summer sea radiates lively energy.

“Jumunjin Beach Felt Much Safer Compared to Gyeongpo Beach”

The day before, I visited Gyeongpo Beach. Although it was a short time, we were able to enjoy the sea briefly. However, it seemed that the students were disappointed as the time for frolicking in the sea wasn’t sufficient. In the end, while planning to allocate time evenly across various areas like Yeongjin Beach, I ended up reducing the allotted time for other regions, as many students wanted to jump into the sea. We decided to spend more time at Jumunjin Beach instead.

Fortunately, Jumunjin Beach felt like it was being operated even more safely compared to Gyeongpo Beach. It appeared to be on a smaller scale than Gyeongpo Beach, but it felt more stable and well-organized. This made me feel less concerned about supervising a large group of students on the trip.

The shower facilities, restrooms, and places for a quick wash-up were also well-equipped. This made it convenient for us to refresh ourselves after a dip in the sea.

“You Can Find the BTS Bus Stop at Jumunjin Beach”

At Jumunjin Beach, you can find the bus stop known for being the location where BTS shot the album jacket. It’s located at Jumunjin Beach, making it a great place to visit for photo shoots and enjoying a pleasant time by the sea.

While there were relatively fewer cafes or places to enjoy a sea view like at Yeongjin Beach, the BTS Bus Stop and the beach alone are enough to make it a worthwhile visit.

“Gangneung Jumunjin, Jumunjin Beach”