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Busan Songjeong Station Seaweed Soup: Obok Miyeok Songjeong Branch

Obok Miyeok is a franchise restaurant specializing in seaweed soup. In particular, it stands out for its “Flounder Seaweed Soup,” a dish not commonly found elsewhere, and can be found throughout the country.

During my recent trip to Busan, after visiting Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, I decided to have lunch at “Obok Miyeok Songjeong Branch.”

“Busan Songjeong Station, Obok Miyeok Songjeong Branch”

Obok Miyeok Songjeong Branch is conveniently located near “Songjeong Station.” Situated along a main road, finding the restaurant is easy.

As a franchise restaurant, Obok Miyeok Songjeong Branch doesn’t differ significantly from other Obok Miyeok locations. The menu primarily features dishes like Flounder Seaweed Soup, Boneless Flounder Seaweed Soup, and Beef Seaweed Soup.

The prices for seaweed soup are relatively moderate. You’ll need to pay around 12,000 to 13,000 won for a single bowl, which may be considered a bit pricey for a single meal. However, considering seaweed soup’s reputation as a healthy dish, it might be a worthwhile expense for those conscious of their health.

Here’s a list of Obok Miyeok’s menu items:

  • Flounder Seaweed Soup: 12,000 won
  • Clam Seaweed Soup: 14,000 won
  • Beef Seaweed Soup: 14,000 won
  • Abalone Flounder Seaweed Soup: 17,000 won
  • Abalone Clam Seaweed Soup: 19,000 won
  • Abalone Beef Seaweed Soup: 19,000 won
  • Grilled Abalone (Small): 13,000 won
  • Grilled Abalone (Medium): 22,000 won
  • Grilled Abalone: 39,000 won
  • Hanwoo Beef Bulgogi: 15,000 won
  • Obok Premium Raw Fish: 16,000 won

“Beef Seaweed Soup: 14,000 won”

With the recent sharp increase in prices, dining out has become an era where a single meal often costs well over ten thousand won. This time, I ordered the Beef Seaweed Soup, which is priced at 14,000 won.

While the price may be a bit of a burden, after tasting the meal, I felt a sense of replenished energy and left satisfied.

One of the advantages of a franchise restaurant like Obok Miyeok is that you can experience the same consistent taste no matter which branch you visit across the country.

“Busan, Obok Miyeok Songjeong Branch”

  • Address: 1107 Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48068, South Korea
  • Phone: 051-703-8809
  • Operating Hours: 8:00 – 22:40 (Last Order 22:00)