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Affordable Pizza Shop near Seoul National University Entrance – ‘Pizza School Seoul National University Entrance Branch’

Pizza School is a low-cost pizza brand specializing in takeout. It is also the largest pizza chain in South Korea. Despite its affordable prices, it maintains decent quality, which has led to a rapid increase in franchise locations.

Pizza School can be found in various locations, including near Seoul National University Entrance. It can be found across from Gwanak-gu Office, and as a takeout-focused pizza brand, the store is not particularly large.

“Small but with Tables – Pizza School Gwanak-gu Office Branch”

However, in the case of Pizza School near Seoul National University Entrance, although the store is not very large, there are tables available for dining in. With two tables available, if there are empty seats, you can enjoy your meal in the store.

However, since the store is small and has limited tables, in most cases, people tend to place takeout orders.

“Great Value Pizza at an Affordable Price”

One of the biggest advantages of Pizza School is its great value. Even compared to other typical franchise pizza specialty stores or local pizza shops, you can feel a significant price advantage.

While there are various pizzas available, below are some representative pizza menu items and their prices:

  • Cheese Pizza: 8,900 KRW
  • Pepperoni Pizza: 9,900 KRW
  • Combination Pizza: 10,900 KRW
  • Sweet Potato Pizza: 10,900 KRW
  • Hot Chicken Pizza: 10,900 KRW
  • Bulgogi Pizza: 11,900 KRW
  • Potato Pizza: 11,900 KRW
  • Napoli Pizza: 12,900 KRW
  • Gorgonzola Pizza: 12,900 KRW
  • Carbonara Pizza: 12,900 KRW
  • Truffle Pizza: 13,900 KRW
  • Quesadilla Pizza: 13,900 KRW

Despite recent sharp price increases due to inflation, Pizza School continues to maintain its affordability compared to other branded pizzas.

It’s a good place to order a reasonably priced and tasty pizza. When you want to taste pizza at a reasonable price, it’s a great option for takeout.

“Affordable Pizza Joint near Seoul National University Entrance – Pizza School Seoul National University Entrance Branch”

  • Address: 139 Ssukgogae-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08787, South Korea
  • Phone Number: 02-874-8429
  • Website: http://pizzaschool.net
  • Operating Hours: (Everyday) 11:00 AM – 11:50 PM