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“Keyboard Inspired by Typewriters: MOOAS X LOFREE DOT”

In the past, there was a mechanical keyboard that gained attention online. It’s a keyboard that combines the essence of a typewriter with the functionality of a Bluetooth-enabled mechanical keyboard.

Named “MOOAS X LOFREE DOT,” this keyboard received over $600,000 in funding within a short period on the crowdfunding site “Indiegogo.” It is a collaborative effort between “MOOAS” and “LOFREE.”

“A Mechanical Keyboard Inspired by Typewriters”

This keyboard is inspired by typewriters but incorporates technologies such as mechanical keys and Bluetooth. It provides a classic nostalgia with a blend of old-world charm and modern technology.

While inspired by typewriters, it doesn’t give off a clunky feel. The design is refined, offering a product that captures the essence of the past with sophistication. However, it deviates from traditional keyboards in one noticeable aspect—the keycaps are not square but rather round, giving it a unique appearance.

For those new to round keycaps, it might take some time to get used to.

“Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android”

This product is compatible with various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It offers versatility, allowing seamless use across different devices.

It supports wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and can also be connected using a wired connection.

In Bluetooth mode, it can pair with up to three devices simultaneously. Switching between devices is convenient using the “FN” key on the keyboard, and shortcuts enable quick transitions between devices.

“GateRon Switch for Typewriter-like Sound”

The keyboard features the “GateRon Switch” to create a sound similar to typewriters.

“Available in 3 Colors”

The product comes in three colors: black, white, and red, giving users the option to choose their preferred color.

The initial release price was 109,000 KRW, but over time, the price has become more affordable. The product is now available for purchase in the 60,000 KRW range.

  • Cupang “MOOAS X LOFREE DOT”: Link