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“Camera-Equipped MP3 Player: iRiver Prism i”

In the current era where smartphones allow us to listen to music and watch videos, the era of standalone “MP3 players” has largely faded into history.

However, just before the widespread adoption of smartphones, there was a time when MP3 players were a dominant trend. Among domestic companies, “iRiver” stood at the forefront, boasting a considerable market share with its sophisticated designs.

“MP3 Player with a Camera: iRiver Prism i”

iRiver gained influence by releasing products that remained true to the basics while featuring clean designs. In 2004, they even ventured into creating a rather unique product.

It can be seen as an attempt from the era before smartphones became prevalent—the endeavor to integrate a camera into an MP3 player.

“MP3 Player Supporting 300,000 Pixels and Digital 3x Zoom”

The resulting MP3 player was named the “iRiver Prism i,” featuring a camera with 300,000 pixels and digital 3x zoom support.

By today’s standards, the camera might be considered almost useless. However, considering the cameras that were integrated into mobile phones at that time, it was not a bad offering.

Nevertheless, the need to use an MP3 player as a camera was almost non-existent, and this product remained as an MP3 player with an interesting feature. At that time, the MP3 player had a capacity of 512MB, featured a color display, and its official model name was “IMP-1095.”

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