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“AliExpress: How to Make Overseas Purchases”

AliExpress, a platform offered by the globally renowned Alibaba, is a site dedicated to overseas direct purchases. In simple terms, it can be considered Alibaba’s global site. Notable for its diverse range of products available at affordable prices, AliExpress stands out in the realm of overseas direct purchases. Despite being an international platform, its user-friendly interface, coupled with the availability of items offering free shipping to South Korea, makes it advantageous compared to other sites.

Let’s explore the process of making overseas purchases on AliExpress.

“Preparation for AliExpress Overseas Shopping”

To prepare for overseas shopping on AliExpress, the following items are essential:

  • Credit card with international payment capabilities (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Email address
  • Your home address in English for receiving shipments
  • Personal Customs Clearance Code

“Signing Up for AliExpress”

The first step for overseas shopping is to sign up on AliExpress. Click the link below to access the site, and then click on the “Sign In” or “Join Free” button located at the top right.

알리익스프레스 첫화면

If you find English challenging, you can change the language to Korean for a more comfortable experience. Although the translation may not be perfect, opting for Korean can simplify the process. To switch to Korean, click the “Language” button above the “Sign In” button.

Clicking “Join Free” initiates the sign-up process. You’ll start by entering your email address and completing a verification process. Drag the scroll under “Verification” to the right and input special characters. This completes the registration process.

“Verification Email Confirmation”

To proceed to the next step, access the email you used for registration. You should find an email from AliExpress with a “Continue” button attached. Clicking this button will activate your account.

이메일 주소 확인 창
알리익스프레스에서 온 이메일 : 아래의 링크를 클릭하면 된다.

“Setting Password and Name”

After email verification, the registration process continues. Set your password by entering it twice. Below that, provide your name, with “First Name” corresponding to your given name and “Last Name” to your surname. Input the information in English. For example:

  • First Name: Gildong
  • Last Name: Hong

Your registration is now complete. With the sign-up finished, it’s time to order the desired items.

“Finding and Ordering Items on AliExpress”

As an example, let’s search for a “big enter key.” Typing “Big Enter” into the search bar yields various products. Clicking on a product’s picture reveals detailed information. Here, you can either “Buy Now” for an immediate purchase or “Add to Cart” to accumulate items for later combined payment.

If you’ve added items to your cart, you can check them by clicking the “View Shopping Cart” button, easily visible at the top right.

구매하고자 하는 상품 검색
구매하고자 하는 상품 정보

“Setting the Shipping Address”

Before placing an order, input the address where the items will be shipped. A pop-up window will appear for you to fill in details, including:

  • CONTACT NAME: Your name
  • COUNTRY / REGION: South Korea
  • STREET ADDRESS: Your address in English
  • CITY: Your city
  • STATE/PROVINCE/REGION: Select your city
  • ZIP/POSTAL CODE: Your postal code
  • TEL: Your telephone number (include country code +82)
  • MOBILE: Your mobile number
  • CUSTOMS CLEARANCE INFORMATION: Personal Customs Clearance Code

Fill in the information in English. For the “State/Province/Region” field, enter your city or province name. Seoul and Gyeonggi-do are examples. For “Street Address,” add the rest of your address.

Ensure to format your telephone number with the country code (e.g., +82) and without the initial “0” in the phone number. For instance, if your number is 010-1234-5678, it becomes 82-10-1234-5678.

“Completing Payment Method Registration and Payment”

The final step is payment. Register a card that supports international transactions and proceed with the payment:

  • CARD NUMBER: Enter your card number
  • EXPIRATION DATE: Validity period (Month / Year)
  • SECURITY CODE: CVC (3 digits on the back of your card)
  • CARDHOLDER NAME: Your name as on the card

Fill in each field with the respective information. The “CVC” is the 3-digit number on the back of your card.

Once payment is complete, you’ve successfully made an overseas purchase on AliExpress. Once you’ve registered your address, card, and Customs Clearance Code, you won’t need to go through the registration process again. Explore AliExpress for exciting and cost-effective items!