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Victoria Peak Observatory ‘Sky Terrace 428’

The area around Victoria Peak in Hong Kong is renowned for offering spectacular views of the cityscape. Situated at the heart of Hong Kong Island and perched on high ground, it provides an opportunity to overlook the urban panorama.

While Hong Kong is famous for its nighttime views, the daytime scenery is equally impressive. This makes Victoria Peak a great spot not only for admiring the city lights but also for appreciating the daytime vista.

“Victoria Peak with Three Viewing Points”

At Victoria Peak, you can find three viewing points, with two of them being free and one requiring paid admission. The types of observatories are as follows:

  1. Peak Tower ‘Sky Terrace 428’ (Paid)
  2. Lion’s Pavilion (Free)
  3. Galeria Observatory (Free)

Among these, ‘Sky Terrace 428’ is the observatory that requires paid admission.

‘Sky Terrace 428’ is located at the top of Peak Tower on Victoria Peak. Thanks to its elevated position, it offers the highest viewpoint to admire the scenery of Hong Kong.

“Admiring Hong Kong’s Night Skyline from the Peak’s Highest Point”

The area near the Victoria Peak Tram station is always bustling with tourists. The ‘Sky Terrace 428’ observatory, which provides a view of Hong Kong’s skyline, is no exception. The entrance process here also takes quite a long time, with many people waiting in line.

Originally, the plan was to ascend to this point before sunset, to enjoy both the sunset and the nighttime skyline of Hong Kong. However, due to a long wait for the Peak Tram and a prolonged wait for entry to the observatory, unfortunately, I missed the sunset view of Hong Kong.

“Overcrowded Observatory Due to a Large Number of Tourists”

The observatory is also quite crowded. When I finally reached the observatory, many people were already occupying the prime viewing spots. It was quite frustrating to see such a large crowd in a paid observatory, to the point where it made me a bit angry.

However, I decided to wait nearby until a spot became available, and eventually, I was able to secure a good position to capture photos of Hong Kong’s night skyline, even though it was quite late.

“Admission Fees for Sky Terrace 428”

To enter ‘Sky Terrace 428,’ you need to purchase a ticket, and there are various ticket options available, including a set ticket for both the Peak Tram and Sky Terrace, a ticket for just the Peak Tram ride, and a ticket for only Sky Terrace admission.

For adults, the fees are as follows:

  • Peak Tram Sky Pass (Tram & Sky Terrace): Round Trip HKD 99, One Way HKD 84
  • Peak Tram Ticket: Round Trip HKD 52, One Way HKD 37
  • Sky Terrace: HKD 52

“A Place with a Lot of Disappointment”

Personally, it was a place that left me more disappointed than delighted. The accessibility was far too low compared to the price, and it felt like there was no crowd control whatsoever.

Still, despite all that, being the highest observatory at Victoria Peak, it’s a place that might be worth a visit for first-time visitors to Hong Kong. 

Of course, there are also free observatories nearby where you can enjoy the view of Hong Kong. If you’ve visited Hong Kong multiple times, you might find it better to go to the ‘Lion’s Pavilion Observatory,’ which is free and accessible nearby.

“Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Peak Tower, Sky Terrace 428”

  • Address: Hong Kong, 1 Lugard Road, The Peak
  • Phone Number: +852 2849 7654
  • Website: https://www.thepeak.com.hk/en
  • Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri) 10:00 – 23:00 / (Sat-Sun) 8:00 – 23:00