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“Tipsy English” by Sun Kim (Kim Seon-young)

At one time, Sun Kim, who once made a name for himself as an “English instructor” on EBS, is now pioneering a new field as a “historical comedian,” and he continues to challenge himself in various areas.

During his time hosting on EBS Radio, he co-hosted a program called “English GoGo” with Chris Johnson, and currently, he appears on the Maebul Show hosted by Choi Wook, where he amusingly unpacks “history.”

Although not well known, Sun Kim has also authored a book in the past. “Tipsy English,” published in 1999, is a book that has been around for quite some time.

From its title, “Tipsy English,” which doesn’t seem to quite fit with “studying,” it’s an impressive book with a unique title.

At first glance, one might think that the book mainly contains English expressions related to “drinking,” but in reality, it covers not only expressions related to “drinking” but also slang used in the United States, amusing English idioms, expressions, and more.

The content covered in the book revolves around English expressions. It can be described as an English commentary book that amusingly explains unique and interesting English expressions. It includes commonly used English idioms and expressions.

For example, it introduces expressions like “A Bull in The China Shop,” which, when translated literally, means “bull in a china shop,” but actually means “a troublemaker.” This expression comes from the image of a bull entering a china shop and breaking all the china.

Sun Kim is known to have spent a long time in Los Angeles, USA, in the past. Thanks to this, he was able to teach English actively as an English instructor on EBS based on the English he acquired while living in the USA. However, unlike other typical instructors, he exudes a sense of “fun,” which has led her to earn the title of “historical comedian.”

In “Tipsy English,” Sun Kim’s wit shines through. From the selection of expressions introduced in the book to the way they are explained, it’s reminiscent of his current appearances on broadcasts.

This book was also helpful to the me when I was starting to study English. When I didn’t have much interest in studying English, the expressions and explanations introduced in this book sparked my interest and led me to immerse myself in studying English.

In that sense, this book played an important role in the author’s English studies. However, it may be difficult to find this book in bookstores now, as it has been published for a long time. Also, as it has been over 20 years since its publication, some of the slang introduced in the book may be considered outdated, and fewer people may use it. So, for those who happen to come across this book, it’s good to keep this in mind.

Nevertheless, as a book that provides a lighthearted look at English expressions, “Tipsy English” is a good book to stimulate interest in English study.

“Tipsy English”

  • Author: Kim Seon-young (Sun Kim)
  • Publication Date: June 25, 1999
  • ISBN: 9788976820464
  • Kyobo Books: http://app.ac/6twTWUM53