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The Old City Area of Macao – Macao Peninsula

Macao can be broadly divided into four areas: the traditional Macao Peninsula, Taipa, the newly reclaimed Cotai area, and the southernmost Coloane area.

Among these, the oldest is the Macao Peninsula. Some may even refer to this area as the true heart of Macao.

“The Area of Luxurious Hotels – Cotai”

To the south of the Macao Peninsula lies the area known as “Cotai,” which is abundant with luxurious hotels. This area hosts hotels like The Venetian, City of Dreams, MGM, Parisian, and Studio City.

Cotai is a newly reclaimed area, characterized by large-scale casinos and resorts, presenting a completely different landscape from the historic Macao Peninsula. It’s akin to the difference between Gangnam and Gangbuk in Seoul, South Korea.

“The Scenery of Macao Peninsula”

The Macao Peninsula boasts a rich historical background and is densely populated with residential areas. This gives rise to many neighborhoods with an old-town feel. Surprisingly, the streets are well-maintained.

The sight of Western-style buildings clustered together is quite impressive. The pervasive use of tiled flooring adds an exotic touch. It almost feels like being at a midpoint between Europe and Asia. Despite the buildings showing their age, the overall city exudes a charming antiquity, all the while being impeccably preserved.

“The Various Views in the Macao Peninsula Area”

After concluding my exploration of downtown Hong Kong and embarking on my first day of Macao, I wandered through various parts of the Macao Peninsula, capturing them in photographs. While the area exudes an old-world charm, it also carries an air of sophistication, creating a unique atmosphere.

“Macao, Macao Peninsula Area”

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