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Macao, ‘Monte Fort’ – Defeating the Dutch Fleet

Adjacent to the Ruins of St. Paul’s, which can be found within Senado Square, the Monte Fort is located, making it a focal point of the old town in Macao. This fort is known for being the site where Macao resisted the Dutch fleet in 1622.

“Former Jesuit Headquarters – Monte Fort”

Originally, Monte Fort served as the headquarters for the Society of Jesus. It was constructed in the early 17th century, around the same time as St. Paul’s Cathedral.

As it was a literal fort, you can still see weaponry positioned within. Even cannons, considered ancient weapons today, are still on display.

“The Site of Repelling the Dutch Fleet in 1622”

Now serving as an elevated viewpoint, in the past, it was a defensive structure, attesting to its association with warfare.

In 1622, the Dutch fleet attacked Macao. Fortunately, due to the actions at Monte Fort, Macao successfully defended itself. A cannon shot from the fort hit the Dutch gunpowder depot, becoming a decisive factor leading to victory.

“How to Reach Monte Fort”

There are two main ways to reach Monte Fort. One is to comfortably take the escalator up, and the other is to climb the stairs.

When I first visited, I didn’t know there was an escalator, so I climbed the stairs. If you head left from the statue of Matteo Ricci, you’ll find the path with an escalator.

“Overlooking the Old Town of Macao from Monte Fort”

Being situated at a high point for defense, Monte Fort now offers a spectacular view. You can admire the old town of Macao from this vantage point.

In this area, you’ll see the sophisticated buildings of the upscale hotel district juxtaposed with the weathered structures of residential areas, creating a subtle harmony.

From Monte Fort, you can look down on St. Paul’s Cathedral, and in the distance, you’ll see the Grand Lisboa, a symbol of present-day Macao.

It’s a worthwhile place to visit during your trip to Macao, as it offers a glimpse into Macao’s past.

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