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The Best University in Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong

Just as Seoul National University is regarded as the top university in South Korea, the University of Hong Kong holds a similar status as the best university in Hong Kong.

Established in 1991, the University of Hong Kong boasts a long history and is often praised as the “Harvard of Asia.” Over the course of more than a century, it has produced numerous graduates, playing a leading role in both the business and academic sectors of Hong Kong.

“The University of Hong Kong Preserving a Long History”

The idea of establishing the University of Hong Kong was initially proposed by Frederick Lugard, the former Governor of Hong Kong, after witnessing the establishment of universities by various powers in different parts of China. Construction began in 1910, and by 1911, the school’s structure was in place, culminating in its official opening on March 11, 1911. The initial University of Hong Kong offered faculties in Arts, Engineering, and Medicine. However, over time, more faculties emerged, including Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Sciences.

“The Route to the University of Hong Kong”

The most convenient way to reach the University of Hong Kong is by using the Hong Kong MTR subway system. By utilizing the outdoor elevator at the MTR Hong Kong University Station, one can easily access the campus.

The area where the University of Hong Kong is located is quite elevated. To enter the campus through the main gate, one must ascend numerous stairs.

During my first visit to the University of Hong Kong, I ascended the stairs after arriving with no prior information. As I climbed, I wondered why no one else seemed to be using the stairs. It turns out that due to this very reason, everyone utilizes the elevator installed at the MTR station for convenient access to the campus.

“A Campus Closely Packed in High Ground”

The University of Hong Kong’s campus is situated on high ground. On the initial visit, I had to ascend step by step using the stairs. The process of climbing the stairs was demanding, but the view from the campus of the University of Hong Kong was satisfying.

In Hong Kong, many tall buildings often obstruct the view, but still, gazing down from a high place always offers a rewarding experience.

“Experiencing Hong Kong’s Distinctive Crowdedness on Campus”

Hong Kong is an area known for its high population density relative to its limited land area, consistently struggling with overpopulation. As a result, it’s easy to find buildings densely packed together. The University of Hong Kong is no exception, with buildings closely clustered even within a university campus.

However, similar to other university campuses, you can also find gardens in the central area of the campus, allowing you to enjoy the leisurely atmosphere distinctive to university life.

Personally, the view I consider the best is a space outdoors at the University of Hong Kong resembling a corridor. Despite being in an elevated area, the sight of high-rise buildings with Hong Kong’s distinctive old-world feel in the background is captivating. Such views, I believe, exemplify what makes Hong Kong uniquely itself.

“The University of Hong Kong: Among Asia’s Finest Universities”

The University of Hong Kong is indeed counted among the finest universities in Asia. This is where some of the best and brightest minds in Hong Kong gather, investing their time for the future. It’s a place where individuals are shaping the future of Hong Kong, making it a window into the city’s prospects.

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