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Hong Kong University’s Unique Dim Sum Spot: Jen Contemporary Restaurant

In Hong Kong, you can find a variety of restaurants known for their delicious dim sum. One well-known establishment, “Tim Ho Wan,” which is famed as the world’s cheapest Michelin 1-star restaurant, is also renowned for its focus on dim sum. Hong Kong is dotted with dim sum hotspots.

Near the Hong Kong University, you can savor a special kind of dim sum at “Jen Contemporary Restaurant,” which not only offers delicious dim sum but also provides visual delight.

“Dim Sum Specialty near Hong Kong University: Jen Contemporary Restaurant”

Hong Kong University is one of the top universities in Hong Kong, located on the western side of Hong Kong Island. It holds a similar status to that of Seoul National University in Korea. Just like SNU, which is situated on the outskirts of Seoul, Hong Kong University shares a similar urban-outskirt placement.

Jen Contemporary Restaurant, found near Hong Kong University, can be considered a dim sum specialty restaurant. Upon perusing the menu, you’ll encounter an array of dim sum options. Of course, besides dim sum, you can find other dishes as well.

“Special Dim Sum Offered at Jen Contemporary Restaurant”

At Jen Contemporary Restaurant, you can discover special dim sum creations. These unique dim sum incorporate distinct designs, with one even being featured on a travel program called “Battle Trip,” gaining attention for its adorable character-themed appearance.

Personally, I visited with the intention of trying these distinct dishes and, despite being alone, I ordered three types of dim sum.

“Dim Sum with Unique Designs”

During this visit, along with the standard xiaolongbao, I ordered a panda-shaped bun and a pig-shaped bun. Sometimes, visually impressive dishes may not live up to expectations taste-wise. Fortunately, the dishes here were not only visually appealing but also quite tasty.

Inside the pig-shaped bun, I found seasoned pork, and it tasted even better than I anticipated. On the other hand, the panda-shaped bun contained something yellow, which had a sweet taste. While it wasn’t unpleasant, it seemed more suitable as a dessert rather than a main course.

The last xiaolongbao was the highlight. Being a dish without any specific design, I felt it allowed the taste to take center stage. As expected, it delivered a flavor beyond my expectations.

“Three Dim Sum Dishes: HKD 90”

Ordering three dim sum dishes during my solo visit amounted to HKD 90. This price included the basic tea, with the tea costing HKD 5. HKD 90 roughly translates to about 13,000 Korean won, making it an affordable cost for a memorable and special dim sum meal.

While it may require venturing slightly out of the central urban area, as it’s near Hong Kong University, it’s a place worth visiting.

“Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, Jen Contemporary Restaurant”

  • Address: G/F, C Shop, Nam Cheong Building, 48-52 Hill Road, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong
  • Phone: +852 2811 2568
  • Operating Hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM