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Thai-Style Pig’s Feet at Seobo in Jamsil Songridangil

Located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Kyungridangil takes its name from the. former title of the military finance department at Yongsan Garrison. While not far from Itaewon, Kyungridangil gained fame for its distinct atmosphere. With a variety of unique restaurants and cafes, the street earned its reputation, leading to the adoption of the name “Kyungridangil” on various parts of the street.

Similarly, Songridangil carries a nickname in the same vein as Kyungridangil. Curated around the alleys near Seokchon Lake, Songridangil is a place where distinctive restaurants and cafes are gathered, also adopting the “-ridangil” naming convention.

“Seobo, Thai-Style Pig’s Feet in Jamsil Songridangil”

Songridangil boasts a unique and special dining experience, with “Seobo” being one of those restaurants. “Seobo” is known for serving “Thai-style pig’s feet,” a dish not commonly found elsewhere.

What sets it apart even further is that this restaurant is operated by a current embassy chef specializing in Thai cuisine. As a result, the restaurant only opens on days when the chef is not at the embassy. Embassy days are estimated to be mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on days when the embassy is not attended, the store opens at 11:30 AM.

“Seobo Jeonryeok Co., Ltd.”

There is one more special aspect to note. Although it currently operates as a restaurant, it appears to retain the sign that was attached in the past, displaying the name “Seobo Jeonryeok Co., Ltd.” at the storefront. Therefore, on the first visit, it may be confusing whether this place is indeed the restaurant “Seobo.”

“A small restaurant adorned with an exotic atmosphere”

The space is not particularly large. Most of the seating is in a bar-style arrangement, with a total of 10 seats, consisting of three front seats and seven side seats.

The restaurant is filled with items that are not commonly seen in Korea. Particularly, various spices, presumed to be produced in Thailand, can be observed, and foreign music playing in the background further enhances the exotic atmosphere.

“The Menu at Seobo”

There are only two items on the menu at Seobo: Pig’s Feet Rice Bowl and Shrimp Rice Soup. The prices are also relatively affordable.

  • Shrimp Rice Soup: 9,000 KRW
  • Pig’s Feet Rice Bowl: 12,000 KRW

During this visit, both items were ordered. The unique Thai cuisine, not commonly found elsewhere, added even more significance to the experience. Especially, the pig’s feet in the rice bowl were incredibly tender, giving the sensation of melting in the mouth.

It can be considered the first time experiencing Thai-style food in Korea, allowing for a taste of Thailand without actually going there.

However, one drawback is that the portions may be a bit small. Personally, being a hearty eater, I found it slightly unsatisfying in terms of quantity. Nevertheless, despite this, Seobo is a great place to utilize as a date spot on days when thoughts of exotic cuisine come to mind, thanks to its unique Thai dishes and the very friendly owner.

“Seoul Jamsil, Songridangil Thai Restaurant, Seobo”