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Takeout Gimbap Shop in Gwanghwamun: Wellbeing Gimbap

Between Gwanghwamun Station and Seodaemun Station on Line 5, you can find Gyeonghuigung Palace and the Seoul Museum of History. Across from these attractions, you’ll discover a small-scale gimbap joint that was even recommended by past connoisseurs of local cuisine.

Formerly known as “Icheonnyang Gimbap,” this eatery operated in this spot for 16 years. However, it recently changed its name to “Wellbeing Gimbap.”

“Gwanghwamun’s Petite Gimbap Joint: Wellbeing Gimbap”

In the days when it was Icheonnyang Gimbap, there were only three menu items available: “Yachi Gimbap, Ojingeo Gimbap, Tteokgalbi Gimbap.” However, with the transition to Wellbeing Gimbap, additional menu options were introduced. Notably, a non-gimbap item, “Jeyuk Cupbap,” was added. You can check the menu and prices below:

  • Vegetable Gimbap: KRW 2,500
  • Anchovy Gimbap: KRW 4,000
  • Tuna Gimbap: KRW 4,000
  • Squid Gimbap: KRW 4,000
  • Tteokgalbi Gimbap: KRW 4,500
  • Jeyuk Cupbap (Spicy Pork with Rice): KRW 5,000

“A Very Small Gimbap Joint for Takeout Only”

Wellbeing Gimbap operates on a very small scale, offering takeout only. Customers can place their orders through a tiny window, make payment, and once the food is ready, take it with them. Despite its small size, this restaurant provides delicious gimbap generously filled with ingredients tailored to each menu.

“Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Gimbap Spot: Wellbeing Gimbap”

  • Address: 46 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone: 02-734-2084