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“Swiss Spring Festival” at Gyeongui Line Book Street, Seoul

Gyeongui Line Book Street is a stretch of road that connects Sinchon to Hongik University Station. It is part of the Gyeongui Line Forest Road, which was formerly a railway line transformed into a park. You can find it from Sinchon to Hongik University Station.

“60th Anniversary of Korea-Switzerland Diplomatic Relations: Swiss Spring Festival”

2023 marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Switzerland. To commemorate this milestone, an event was held at Gyeongui Line Book Street, titled “Swiss Spring Festival”. The event featured characters representing Korea’s national flower, Mugunghwa, and Switzerland’s Edelweiss, walking side by side. It was designed to introduce famous Swiss landmarks.

The characters of Mugunghwa and Edelweiss walking together were used in various diplomatic events throughout the year.

“Showcasing Major Tourist Attractions in Switzerland”

Throughout Gyeongui Line Book Street, various spaces were set up to introduce Switzerland’s tourist attractions. There was even a photo zone featuring the picturesque Swiss town of Bern, complete with its beautiful clock tower.

In addition, booths decorated in the shape of Swiss trains, along with information about Switzerland, were also available.

“Booths Styled with a Swiss Train Atmosphere”

The booths designed in the shape of Swiss trains followed a train tour concept, featuring the interior of a Swiss train and train station. Visitors could also watch videos showcasing Switzerland at various points.

The Swiss Spring Festival took place for one month, from April 8 to May 8, 2023.

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