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Suwon Tapdong ‘Bonjuk & Bibimbap’

Bonjuk is a prominent franchise that comes to mind when one thinks of “juk” (porridge). It gained recognition among the public, leaving a lasting impression through product placement in the drama “Boys Over Flowers.” The name ‘Bonjuk’ was chosen to represent the principle of putting sincerity into natural and fresh ingredients, starting with the basics for happiness and health by crafting porridge.

“Bonjuk & Bibimbap: Found Throughout South Korea”

“Bonjuk & Bibimbap” is a franchise found throughout South Korea. Initially specializing in porridge, it has transformed into a restaurant selling various menus beyond porridge. While the first establishments were relatively small, often focusing on takeout, you can now find larger Bonjuk stores, making it a suitable place for dining in.

“Bonjuk & Bibimbap in Suwon Tapdong”

Even in Tapdong, to the west based on Suwon Station, you can find a “Bonjuk & Bibimbap” store. Near Tapdong Elementary School, you can find restaurants selling relatively straightforward meals, and Bonjuk & Bibimbap is one such place.

I visited this restaurant to quickly have a meal while picking up pizza for the Israel Jamboree group from Pizza School, located next door. If it weren’t for the Jamboree group, I probably wouldn’t have intentionally visited this place. Thanks to the Jamboree group, I had the opportunity to explore this new place.

“Comfortable Atmosphere”

The store wasn’t excessively large but was reasonably spacious, with around seven tables accommodating about 15 people simultaneously. There was a kiosk in the store, allowing customers to order and pay for their food.

“Premium Beef Yukgaejang Ttukbaegi: KRW 11,000”

I visited for a simple meal that day, opting to dine in. I chose the “Premium Beef Yukgaejang Ttukbaegi” from the menu, priced at KRW 11,000. While this might have been considered a somewhat burdensome price range in the past, considering the recent rise in prices, it seems like a reasonable range.

Thanks to this, I could have a satisfying meal. The advantage of franchise restaurants seems to be that you can have a decent meal regardless of the location you visit.

“Suwon Tapdong Bonjuk & Bibimbap Cafe Suwon Tapdong Branch”