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“Stewardess Secret Notes” by Jung Jin-hee and 7 others

As graduation approached and the time to enter the workforce loomed, without stepping directly into a company, there was little opportunity to understand the world of professions. Therefore, the only way to indirectly experience it was through “books.” Although I had never considered becoming a flight attendant, I naturally came across books related to flight attendants since they were readily available in the library.

“Stewardess Secret Notes: Life Skills Learned Above 10,000 Meters” is a book written using the experiences of flight attendants. Eight experienced stewardesses share their experiences related to flight attendant life. It’s a book formatted around six themes: “Flight, Travel, Life, Encounters, Profession, Daily Life,” unraveling small stories.

This book also flows in a relaxed atmosphere, more like a friend or senior telling stories rather than a heavy atmosphere.

“A Book Containing Stories of 8 Stewardesses”

The book is light and easy to read. The feeling permeating from this book can be likened to reading a light “travelogue.” Throughout the book, I found it interesting to imagine myself traveling, especially while reading about “travel.”

With stories seamlessly incorporating the daily lives of stewardesses, it doesn’t feel like it delves into professional content. However, through this, you can naturally glimpse into the daily lives of flight attendants. The book also introduces specialized terminology known only to flight attendants and hidden spaces within airplanes.

“Galley: The Kitchen Area”

One of the places introduced in the book is the “galley.” To explain the galley, it discusses the three classes commonly distinguished on airplanes: “First, Business, Economy Class.” The galley is where kitchen tasks are handled, and it’s said to be a place that requires a lot of work.

It’s noted in the book that the stewardess working here is the only one among the crew wearing an apron, and once you enter, it’s described as a place so busy that you can hardly see anything else.

Ultimately, it makes you think that because there are people quietly working in places unseen by others, we can enjoy convenient services.

“Stewardess’s Essential Item: Insulated Rubber Packs”

The book introduces the “insulated rubber pack” as an essential item for flight attendants. It’s an item that transforms into a warm pack as soon as hot water is added, something that you would never know about if you hadn’t encountered it through the book.

Especially useful for maintaining body temperature in cold places, airplanes flying at high altitudes are always on the colder side. Considering this cold, using items like insulated rubber packs can make it possible to stay warm even in the chilly interior of the airplane.

“Mask Pack Service”

The aircraft cabin tends to be quite dry. Some passengers have been observed using mask packs to combat this dryness. An episode is recounted in the book where the idea of providing mask pack services was inspired by observing passengers using mask packs.

This episode emphasizes that the beginning and development of service spirit lie in “observation.” This principle isn’t limited to flight attendants; observation is necessary in all service settings, and based on such observation, good service can be provided.

“Flight Attendant’s Rest Area: Bunk”

Inside airplanes, there is a space called the “bunk” where flight attendants rest. This is something that one would never know about unless they have worked as a flight attendant. It’s interesting to note that there is a place with a similar name to a “bunker” used in the military.

“Hidden Gems Known Only to Flight Attendants”

Flight attendants who visit various countries are said to know about hidden gems and eateries known only to them. There are places around airports that only flight attendants know about, and it’s said that in those restaurants, if you say, “Stewardess menu, please,” a special menu will be prepared for you.

Truly, it’s a book that can be called the “Secret Notes” of flight attendants, which only they can know. Although the book was published quite a while ago, it offers insights into the experiences and secrets of flight attendants.

“Stewardess Secret Notes: Life Skills Learned Above 10,000 Meters”

  • Author: Jung Jin-hee and 7 others
  • Publication Date: October 15, 2009
  • ISBN13: 9788984314955
  • Yes24: http://app.ac/fErCE1S83